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Aug 5, 2006 02:10 PM

Patron Tequilas

While in FLA we chanced upon Margueritas made with a Patron Tequila(not sure which of the three labels); the Margueritas were wonderful.
Back home I stopped at my favorite liquor store to get a bottle to duplicate our find from the Sunshine State. With the three labels staring me in the face, I didn't know which to buy.

Any Chowhounds have experience with a Patron Marguerita?

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  1. I'm guessing, unless they were "cadillac" or premium margaritas, that the ones you had were made with Patron Silver, which is great for margs. Some people like reposado in premium margs, but I don't think it adds much and would much rather just sip it. Anejo should be sipped straight, chased with lime or sangrita, and never added to a marg.

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      Spot on, sku. I'm off to my spirits purveyor to get the Silver. Thank you.

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        I agree about the anejo. I had shots of it at Senor Frog's in Coconut Grove one memorable night in college -- crazy expensive but worth every dollar. As smooth as silk.

      2. And once you have the Patron Silver, take a break from the Margaritas to try 3 ozs straight up shaken with ice ( kind of a Martini format) -- very smooth with peppery notes. Really one of the better tequilas for this sort of drinking. (Heck, any sort of drinking.) Enjoy!

        1. patron silver is fine for margs. i prefer the herradura brand to patron. try the herradura resposado for sipping, it's very cinnamony. unlike most tequilas, in herraduras case the top anjeo style is overkill.

          1. I'm a huge fan of Patron Anejo and agree that it should be sipped straight. The silver is very nice, but it's still a waste to put in a Margarita. Jose Cuervo produces a little hidden gem called Tradicional. It's a very nice Reposado that's perfect for mixing. For a little decadence ... top off your drink with a splash of the Patron Anejo.

            1. Thanks for all the great responses. They made me much more knowledgible abou this great liquor.

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                My favorite for Margarita is the Patron Silver, however sometimes I use the reposado for added ‘complexity’ or if you prefer a little extra smoky flavor. Given the opportunity I’ll do with the Gran Patron Platinum—unbelievable stuff—but pricey and hard to get. Also, very important, I prefer the Patron Citronge much better than Cointreau or Grandma, it really makes a big difference. Just the thinking of this makes me wish is a little bit later on the day...