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Aug 5, 2006 01:57 PM

Best Vietnamese Pho place and Asian Market in London? And views on Innocent Smoothies?

Will be in London later this week, and am looking to get my Vietnamese pho fix, as this (plus Malaysian/Singaporean) are the main cuisines Moscow still lacks. Am also looking for a good Asian market so I can pick up some fresh lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves to take back with me, since they're only haphazardly available in Moscow supermarkets.

Last question--I was telling a Russian friend the other day about Naked Juice (U.S. all fruit smoothies--especially like their pomegranate blueberry) and she said something about Innocent all fruit smoothies in the UK--are they a must try, and worth the price?

Many thanks!

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  1. Pho is difficult in London. In the center the only place I know of that does a decent one is at the bottom of Greek street in Soho, called Viet or similar.

    Lemon grass and stuff you can find eveywhere; many places in Chinatown or
    my local in Chepstow Rd, Notting hill, by the junction with Westbourne grove which is a dedicated Thai shop, which has everything you need for Thai food; and most of the stuff for Vietnamese stuff.

    1. there are quite a few vietnamese restaurants in east london - kingsland road and mare street (hackney) are good starting points. the latter also has several vietnamese groceries.

      as for innocent smoothies, they're fairly similar to naked juice but they tend to be claggier. i'm not a big fan, but then i'm not a smoothie person in general. they shouldn't cost more than a few pounds, so trying one won't be a huge expenditure.

      1. One of my favourite Vietnamese places is Cay Tre on Old St

        The owners have opened a new(ish) place on The Kingsland Rd called The Viet Grill which is worth a visit. I particularly liked the pork pounded with turmeric


        1. Simon Mumjamdar is a regular contributor to this board. He has a mighty tasty-looking blog where he posts his finds. He mentions a fabulous-sounding Vietnamese restaurant in his July 30 entry. It's called Viet Grill.


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            Thank you:-)

            I like the riff on my name BTW


          2. I think Innocent drinks are fine-tasting but very expensive. Of course, I often still think in American dollars which means one drink costs almost $4.00. The flavors sound yummy and compared to other drinks in London, I guess you could call them average-priced.

            I've never been to the large Asian market at Colindale Tube, but I hear there are a lot of wonderful food stalls there. Anyone??