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Aug 5, 2006 12:47 PM


Over the past few months, my love of taramosalata has grown and grown. Yummmm. Where do you think the best taramosalata is served in this city? I've had it at Taksim, Snack, Pylos, and some other places. I liked the taramosalata at Taksim and at Snack best.

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  1. International Foods over on 8th Ave behind the Port Authority sells the best really fluffy taramosalata... but their secret is out now, you have to use seltzer when making it.
    F.Y.I, it is so easy to make if you have a blender/processor, (and to most people's surprise, there is no dairy in it at all).

    1. I've yet to try the taramosalata at the places you mention, but I have had excellent versions recently at Uncle Nick's in Hell's Kitchen and Sahadi's (a grocery) on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn Heights. While Uncle Nick's is light and airy, if you like it dense and briny (as I do) you'll go to Sahadi's. Amazing dips overall at Sahadi's, and worth a trip for any lover of food and bargains, Mediterranean or otherwise (check the Outer Boros board for more).

      1. oh my god, i thought i was the only one with a serious addiction. it is my favorite food.... i think i like the tarama at snack best.... but i often get the krinos kind at home and put it in the middle of omelettes. yum!

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          Krinos is the only taramosalata that I know. Makes a great snack but I never thought of putting it in an omlette and I thank you for that terrific idea.

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            fyi - also delicious with babaghanoush or zaalouk

        2. My favorite appetizer today is cucumber rounds slathered with taramosalata and topped with a little scoop of salmon roe or tobika (flying fish roe). Krinos bottled taramosalata is quite good, I think, but their "lite" taramosalata is even better, somehow.

          1. Ideal Cheese on 1st Ave by E.51st makes great taramosalata. As an aside they probably have the best smoked gouda I ever tasted.