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Aug 5, 2006 11:07 AM

Low Fat Cheese

I love cheese but am trying to reduce fat content in my diet. Have tried several at TJ's (lowfat Feta is tasteless, don't bother) but have found a cheddar at Ralph's that's ok, not the sharp which I like but better than nothing. Please share your suggestions

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  1. We use Veggie Shreds, usually the mozzarella for pizza.

    1. Don't expect low fat cheese to taste anywhere near the real cheese. Most of it tastes like chalk, especially if it is under about 18 percent butter fat. I do make yoghurt cheese which is an okay substitute for cream cheese kind of stuff. But my suggestion is eat smaller portions of good fat in cheese. Under no circumstance eat no fat or very low fat cheese.

      1. Cabot's 50% light sharp cheddar is pretty good.

        1. I'd eat the same good cheeses I've always enjoyed, but in smaller quantities.

          1. In my opinion, low-fat cheese is only suitable for making huaraches (and no, I don't have a recipe for that).