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Aug 5, 2006 06:57 AM

Best Chinese in the ______________ bay

my favorite chinese restarant has had an unbelieveable fall off, i need some help finding a new place, spend a lot of time in the south bay, live in the east bay, and am frequently up in the city.

looking for a place thats not too american and not way too authentic. Please help everytime I say I want chinese food, they say "lets go to PF CHangs" and it makes me not want to be there friend.

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  1. In Oakland/Rockridge on College a half block from BART is Becky's. Very good, and not Rockridge prices.

    In Concord on Contra Costa BLVD is Chef Choy. It is in strip mall where a big lights store is. It is a couple blocks from SunValley Mall going toward Martinez. Very, very good. Great service. They make a killer East Lake soup. Tell tthem no crab in it. We have eaten there for years ( driving from Rockridge ) and tried most dishes. All are good.

    1. Shen Hua (Berkeley, College Ave.), Kirin (Solano Ave.), and Ching Hua (Alameda Marketplace) are Americanized / yuppified enough that I'd rather eat somewhere else, but the food's pretty good.

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        Yeah, the food at Ching Hua is kinda meh (I had dinner there with my family a couple of weeks ago and can't barely remember what we ate), but the drinks were excellent.

      2. Chu Kong in San Bruno (El Camino Real) - best black bean sauce crab (spicy) and salt/pepper pork.
        Great China in Berkeley (Kittredge) - best peking duck and seafood ravioli
        R&G in SF (Kearny) - Salt/Pepper crab and their signature beef dish

        1. joy in foster city
          little potato in fremont
          lucy's cafe in cupertino

          probably not the best, but these are places i frequent.

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          1. re: wchane

            I love Joy too but you really need a Chinese reader/speaker in your party as the "real" menu isn't printed in English & most of the help is non-English speaking (unless something has changed recently...) That said, IMO they make the absolutely best pot stickers ever.

          2. South San Jose: Ocean Palace and its sister restaurant, Ocean Delight.

            The parking is better at OD and OD offers dim sum.