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Aug 5, 2006 05:46 AM

Is there a dessert all you can eat (similar to the Vegas high end buffets) in SoCal?

Just wanted to know if any place exists for my friends who really enjoyed the sweets at the Bellagio/Mirage last year.

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  1. The L.A. Times recently had a blurb on dessert tasting menus

    Providence pastry chef Adrian Vasquez has started offering a five- course dessert tasting menu, which recently included shaved carrot with coconut gelee and passion fruit curd; yogurt-cucumber mint sorbet with cantaloupe soup; warm blackberries, polenta streusel and corn ice cream; apricot gelee and fennel ice cream; and raspberries with chocolate cremeaux -- a melt-in-your-mouth quenelle of dense, creamy chocolate custard -- and raspberry foam.

    At Water Grill, pastry chef Koa Duncan's four-course dessert tasting menu will be condensed into a planned have-it-all-at-once selection of four desserts on one plate. That way, says Duncan, "people don't have to wait for each of four courses to come out." Desserts might include a "Dapple Dandy" plum and Tahitian vanilla bean Bavarian with plum sorbet and compote and vanilla syrup, or a chocolate espresso tart with candied lemon peel, espresso sauce and lemon hazelnut ice cream.

    In true French fashion, everyone who orders a dessert at Ortolan can expect an avant dessert (pre-dessert) and then post-dessert petits fours from chef-owner Christophe Eme. Eme is himself making desserts again after the departure of pastry chef Ron Mendoza this summer. Currently, the avant dessert is baba au rhum filled with vanilla cream and berries, served with fresh currants.

    1. Whenever I walk by the Grand Cafe at the OMNI Hotel in Downtown during lunch hours, it looks as if they have a dessert spread.

      1. The prime rib/seafood buffet at Cafe Sierra at the Universal Hilton has a pretty good selection of desserts. The price is around $44-45 per person.

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          Completely agree. If you're looking for a buffet with a large selection of desserts, go to the Universal Hilton.