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Aug 5, 2006 05:25 AM

PHX: Chile Harvest Time!

It's almost time!! Hatch and Mesilla chile harvest time is coming up.

If you're looking for some, I've seen two places in the past that sell it fresh from the roaster(wrap it in a warm tortilla hot off the roaster..heaven!!)

-There's a guy who has his portable roaster with him every season in S. Payson. He just sets up shop in a parking lot.

-Food City, valley wide. They typically set up the roaster in front of the store. You grab some chile and some tortillas and you're set.

I wonder of Phoenix Ranch Market will join in on the fun. Anyone know of any other roasting stands? A friend of mine picked up a 50lb of the fresh stuff a few years ago and we roasted it on my grill. It was work, but good stuff.

It freezes very well, for up to six months.


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  1. Typically, the various Arriba restaurants in the Valley roast and sell Hatch chiles every year.

    And you are right: they do freeze very, very well.


    1. The Guadalupe Farmers' Market also features roasted Hatch chiles; last time I was there (about three weeks ago) they also had finely ground (as in powder!) green Hatch chiles! Perfect for seasoning! Ole! (you can also get fresh tamales at this market!)

      1. Last year, one of the organic growers at the Saturday morning farmer's market in downtown Phoenix (Central and McKinley) would roast what you bought on site. Much easier than buying the 50-pound bag from Bashas' and roasting them on the gas grill in the back yard. Been there; done that; wrecked the T-shirt. :-)

        1. So do any local restaurants take advantage of the "season?" The last green chile smothered entree I had was a Frank & Lupes burrito that had about a tablespoon of dressing that required a search party to find. Carlsbad Tavern wasn't smothering either.

          It might be a question of regional style. Eateries in Colorado, for example, often feature dishes swimming in green chile sauces.

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            Arriba does, as was mentioned earlier. They do a whole month-long trubute to the stuff.