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Looking for a Fabulous Saturday Brunch in San Francisco, Oakland or Berkeley

Looking for a special place to take my very young 80 year old Aunt for her birthday on a Saturday. Views, great food, a buffet would be ok, too, but not necessary. Special is the key word. Thanks!

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  1. The Garden Court might fit your and your Aunts needs..probably the most beautiful room in SF, it has been restored to Edwardian splendor, replete with live musicians to serenade you..
    here's a link, go on the visual tour...it is located in the Palace Hotel, downtown SF


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      Thank you...great idea about tea at the Garden Court!

    2. The breakfast at the Ritz is supposed to be phenomenal. Also, Ric and Ann's in Claremont, and Absinthe. Totally different. Absinthe is upscale and they have wonderful food and cocktails. Rick and Ann;'s is just plain good food, quaint setting

      1. I agree with ChowFun - the Garden Court is a very special room.

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        1. Yeah, the Garden Court's great, and the buffet is lavish. Very celebratory atmosphere.

          1. The Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins hotel has an excellent brunch buffet and amazing panoramic views of SF.

            1. ATTENTION !!! The OP said SATURDAY brunch.

              If that's what you meant, the Garden Court just has a breakfast buffet on Saturday until 10:30 am. They do have an afternoon tea from 1 - 3 ... but it's not brunch.

              Neither the Ritz nor Claremont do a Saturday brunch either.

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                Good call. Garden Court's buffet brunch is Sundays 10-2.

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                  Thank you...it is in strong contention :)

              2. Got it ... Seasons at the Four Seasons serves Saturday brunch and would meet all your criteria.


                The staff here is almost up to the Ritz quality and they would make your aunt feel special on her 80th especially if you alerted them to that.

                I'm more of a fan of the four season cocktail lounge, but the food gets good mentions and I liked it well enough on my visit a year back. You could always stop by the lounge before or after for a glass of champagne to celebrate the big day.

                Another thought ... although it is not a brunch place specifically ... would be to give Chez Panisse a call, tell them the circumstances and see if they could do something special for you. They always treat people so nicely and the food is so good.

                Saturday is a rough day not only brunch-wise, but even lunch-wise. Not a lot open that is 'special'. It is more of a time for the 9-5 crowd to kick back, have a casual brunch and crowd most of the more popular, but breakfasty type places.

                I'm not really sure what you did mean by special. I'm assuming you want super service and a fancy or pretty room since you eliminated view and food as criteria. Is a Rick and Ann place good enough ... casual but known for brunch?

                There IS a Saturday brunch buffet at HMS Lordship in the Berkeley marina. Fabulous view, the food gets kind of lukewarm mentions ... it looked like a fine selection to me. Don't know how good the service would be.

                Another option would be to go for either breakfast or lunch at Campton place. I like breakfast there alot, the room is pretty, but it is either lunch or breakfast.


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                  Per the Web site, Hs Lordships has brunch only on Sundays. http://www.hslordships.com/

                  Everybody I know who's eaten there said the food was terrible, like airplane food. I think it survives only because noplace else in the area can seat close to 500 people.

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                    Thumbs up for the Four Seasons Hotel for brunch - service is excellent and if you have on black pants, they give you a black napkin so you won't get white lint on your trousers!
                    Chez Paniisse is wonderful but the downstairs restaurant is not open for lunch and I think the Cafe might be too casual for a special day.

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                      You are right about the cafe...and the Four Seasons is a real possibility. Thank you!

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                      The room looks nice...the menu looks good. Thank you!