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Aug 5, 2006 04:37 AM

Looking for a Fabulous Saturday Brunch in San Francisco, Oakland or Berkeley

Looking for a special place to take my very young 80 year old Aunt for her birthday on a Saturday. Views, great food, a buffet would be ok, too, but not necessary. Special is the key word. Thanks!

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  1. The Garden Court might fit your and your Aunts needs..probably the most beautiful room in SF, it has been restored to Edwardian splendor, replete with live musicians to serenade you..
    here's a link, go on the visual is located in the Palace Hotel, downtown SF

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      Thank you...great idea about tea at the Garden Court!

    2. The breakfast at the Ritz is supposed to be phenomenal. Also, Ric and Ann's in Claremont, and Absinthe. Totally different. Absinthe is upscale and they have wonderful food and cocktails. Rick and Ann;'s is just plain good food, quaint setting

      1. I agree with ChowFun - the Garden Court is a very special room.

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        1. Yeah, the Garden Court's great, and the buffet is lavish. Very celebratory atmosphere.

          1. The Top of the Mark at the Mark Hopkins hotel has an excellent brunch buffet and amazing panoramic views of SF.