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Aug 5, 2006 04:37 AM

What do you do with left over boiled shrimp?

What do you do with left over boiled shrimp, besides breakfast omlets and quesadillas?
My eyes were bigger than my stomach:)

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  1. Shrimp salad, shrimp salad sandwich, a seafood pasta dish.

    1. Yeah -Shrimp salad is great - stuff into an avocado half
      Or, toss with a little pesto and stuff a tomato or zucchini top with a parmesan/asiago crouton crumble and bake- YUM!

      How about making rice one night/refridgerate then stir fry with veges and shrimp. Always make stir fried rice w/cold rice.

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          not sure why it is but fried rice just turns out better with day old rice that has cooled down.

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            Chilled rice keeps the rice from clumping together when making fried rice.

        2. Make shrimp cakes -- use your favforite crab cake recipe but replace the crab with coarsely chopped shrimp.

          1. shrimp deviled eggs
            shrimp curry over rice
            shrimp on toast with mayo and dill

            1. Chinese people always have rice - day and night. Most Asians do - It's their "bread". What to do w/ leftover, day old or even stale rice. Never waste anything!!!! Especially in the poor areas of Asia- Most of Asia is. That's what is done w/leftovers. Dried/cooled left over rice, mixed w/ leftover meats, seafood, veges and a little stock, seasoning. Wella. fried rice! The Japanese make a meal of it by serving a side cup of chicken broth. :) KQ