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Aug 5, 2006 04:34 AM

best bouillabaisse in LA discussion

I haven't seen this one debated in the archives.

Wondering about people's opinions, especially those that have made bouillabaise themselves and have had it at numerous places.

The best I've had in this city was at Jiraffe but I haven't had that many, mostly out of fear. Before I moved here I read that Mimosa had a good one but haven't been, actually.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Ocean avenue seafoof has a great ! bouillabaisse.! I cugini dow the street has a great fish soup too...I thinkit is called a barola? but is excellent ...but ocean aveue is great!

      1. Great topic, I love authentic bouillabaisse.
        Sadly, I have yet to experience one in L.A.. I can wave you off the version served at Maximilian (a restaurant which I otherwise adore) and the one at the restaurant at Hotel Bel-Air. Ditto for Suzanne's in Ojai.
        When I lived in D.C., there was a restaurant called Lavandou, that would ship mullet, rascasse and other indigenous Mediterranean fish in for Batille Day in order to make true french bouillabaisse. It was divine!
        Recently, I noticed there was a bouillabaisse listed on the menu at Bistro Provence which I will likley try but with a healthy dose of skepticism.
        Now, Ocean Ave. is next on my list.

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          great, keep me posted on your bouillabaise exploits. i had that one in ojai, nothing special... i had a talk with the chef of the bel air (he wrote a long article on boill. on their website) whom i happened to meet+ was meaning to try their version; he's very proud of his. but actually i forgot to get there until reading your reply.

          i think a great bouillabaise can be made with whatever is at hand, so it needn't be shipped in, although that is great. we used to make it with halibut, lobsters, crawfish, mullet. fennel and tomatoes from the garden. better saffron than in france too.

          but i love going out for it. sometimes Jiraffe's is pretty good. i wonder what you'd think

        2. Pastis on Beverly Blvd just west of Crescent Hts. has had it on the menu in the past, yet not sure if it is today.
          Certain times of year have better seafood availability, as well as consumer interest in eating it.
          I would rather have it in cooler weather than in summer, given a choice.

          1. i've had it on many summer afternoons
            although it does definitely get my temperature way up. one time we made it and i had too much, had to take a cold shower to cool off