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Aug 5, 2006 04:23 AM

Help- 5 hours to eat on Tuesday

Okay folks.. I posted last year before my trip to sf and ended up on a tour of anchor steam, the ferry building (with its chocolate, olive oil and farmers market), chez panisse and zuni. I'm back for a business trip and have 12-5pm on Tuesday open for food and food related activity. I've checked all of the 4 star places and they aren't open til later and I've already done china town and eaten a burrito in the mission district. What am I missing? Where should i go?

-Tom from Texas

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  1. How about snacks in the Tenderloin?
    Bahn Mi, Pho, Thai food, Turkish food, Indian...
    It can be a little dodgey around here at night, but 12-5 is a good time to check out the chow.

    1. I'd probably go with Clement Street, if you can get out to the
      Richmond. You could even squeeze in a visit to GG Park or the
      Ocean/LandsEnd etc.

      DEEM SUM, Eastern European Bakeries, New May Wah, Green Apple,
      Pizza, Cafes, Irish Bars. Parking non-super bad.

      I guess SF isnt as convenient as Singapore with the Food Courts.
      I've often done the 12noon - 6pm food dash there.

      1. I'm not sure what the "4 star places" are that you have in mind, but plenty of highly regarded high-end places are open for lunch.

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          Most high-end places are dinner only and tomfromaustin has already hit two of the best exceptions. Boulevard's another.

          Piperade's not so high-end but the food's right up there.

        2. The Tenderloin's a good idea. Many of the great Vietnamese places close early.

          The Mission's also good for an afternoon food crawl: croques & pastries at Tartine; crepes at Ti Couz; pupusas; falafel & schwerma wraps at Truly Mediterranean; kulfi and Indian ice cream at Bombay; Indian pizza at Zante ...

          1. Canteen has been getting the big buzz on the board lately.

            Not four star but you won't be disappointed with the food at Coco500.

            Take a ferry to Sausalito and eat at Fish.

            Go to Yank Sing for dim sum.

            More Mexican food on International Avenue in Oakland.

            Where are you coming from?