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Aug 5, 2006 04:17 AM

Lunch between National City and Otay Mesa? (San Diego)

For the next year I will be driving from UCSD Hillcrest to Kaiser Otay Mesa on Fridays at lunch time. I have about 30 minutes to grab lunch (15 min to 60 max) somewhere along 8E or 805S. I might also take 163 to 5 for some good chow.

What are you recommendations for good, quick lunches near my route? City Heights, National City, Bonita, Chula Vista and Otay Mesa are all in play, but I may need to stick near the freeways.

I know that folks have recommended Filipino, Vietnamese and Mexican around the south part of the city. What are the best options? Are there other gems down there?

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  1. I can't believe nobody replied! I would say stop in City Heights for a Banh Mi -- Vietnamese sandwich. Quick and cheap. But maybe that's not close enought to the 805.

    Get off the 805 at El Cajon blvd and go 1 block East to the Pancho Villa supermarket. They have a little cafe counter and a few tables, pretty good Mexican food.

    Or go West on El Cajon Blvd and south on 30th for a burger or sausage at Tioli's crazy burger.

    If you get off at University The Mission is a few blocks West of the 805. I don't think there'd be a wait on a weekday, and I had a great lunch there this weekend. My food came in about 5 minutes.

    Also, you could grab a slice at Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria on 30th.

    Other suggestions?

    1. Dao Son in North Park. It's a weekly stop for me. Try the Red Chicken or Garlic Chicken...and make it hot!

      1. Thanks for the tips. I have heard of those places, and I've meant to try Tioli's sometime. Lefty's seems a bit of a stretch for a quick lunch, but it may be worth it. I like Dao Son and The Mission.

        Perhaps I should have focused my question. I was really hoping for ideas in National City, Bonita, Chula Vista and Otay Mesa. Does anyone have new ideas for that area?

        Kirk has reviewed a few Filipino and Mexican places in National City. Does anyone have a second opinion?

        1. There is a Chik-Fil-A East on Olympic Parkway (take the Orange Ave exit)...the only one in the county (although this weekend I saw they are going to put one in place the the Krispy Kreme on Sports Arena Blvd)...some nice local places and a Fudds South of F street and on 3rd in Chula...

          and if you take 805 and go west at the 43rd street exit- right there in front of you is Northgate market...the whole south side of that building is a haven of fresh made fast foods...plates (breakfasts are $2.99)as well as burritos(the carnitas/meats/tacos @1.50) are ready at opening 7 am ...and fresh made wood stove cooked pizza....fresh juice liquados (watermelon and cantaloupe)(we were there the last three Saturdays) The Panderia on the north side of the store has fresh baked sweets also at 50ยข each and some are 3/$1