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Aug 5, 2006 03:45 AM

Cham Bong - Soup. Where do I find this?.

Cham Bong is a spicy seafood soup sold as "chinese" food in Korea - or at least that was what a few Korean co-workers told me.

I am now looking for a place where they sell this soup. The only place I know is 60 miles north of NYC - where I work.. Does anyone know a place in NYC, Westchester, Queens (flushing maybe?) where I can find it?.

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  1. Won Jo, on 32nd Street makes a great one. I believe they spell it Jjampong on the menu. It fits your description, except that it doesn't seem like anything I've had in any of the Korean-Chinese restaurants in that neighborhood. I believe Korean-Chinese food is a Koreanized version of Northern (Beijing or Shandong) Chinese, made by ethnic Chinese from Korea. Won Jo is Korean, not Korean-Chinese.

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      Thx for the reply and the right speling!

    2. Go to Shanghai Mong, also on 32nd street (30 W. 32nd). they have good jam pon, and if you want to try another korean-chinese staple--noodles in black bean sauce (cha chang myun), they'll serve you both in a bowl divided in half. one side will have the spicy soup, the other side, the noodles.

      i think their jam pong is better than their cha chang myun though. they must have changed owners or something. the old, dowdier version of that restaurant had better noodles and cha chang myun.

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        New cooks, new owner (who also has a restaurant in New Jersey – not Korean-Chinese but soon dubu, I think). For jjampong, look for "noodle soup and seafood with hot red pepper" on the menu; there are a couple varieties. Their version is pretty good.

        Many Korean-Chinese places make this dish. Hyo Dong Gak on 35th has it (look for "noodles with seafood soup"). In Queens, so do Guh Song (in Bayside) and Sam Won Gak (Flushing, Elmhurst and Bayside). I haven't tried any of these versions, though.

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          HyoDongGak has a good version, chock full of seafood and very spicy. It's also under 7 bucks ($6.95 IIRC) and a steal for such a delicious hearty meal.

      2. Actually, the version at Won Jo is jjampong Bap, and it is served with rice rather than noodles. I guess the version with noodles is the Korean-Chinese style.