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Aug 5, 2006 03:42 AM

Restaurant Near 5th Avenue Suites

I am coming up in September from San Francisco and staying at 5th Avenue Suites (corner of 5th and SW Washington. We probably won't be at the hotel until around 9:15 or so). Looking for a recommendation for somewhere close by to get a bit to eat. Going to Wildwood on Saturday night.

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  1. Southpark is a six-minute walk. Good seafood, bar menu, wine by the glass.
    Good Dog/Bad Dog (sausages aplenty!) is two minutes away.
    The hotel's own restaurant is good.
    Pazzo Ristorante at the Vintage Plaza (one minute) is good.
    Higgins (seven minutes) is always outstanding, one of our more deservedly famous places. Eat in the bar if you want a less formal occasion.

    1. About 3 blocks from you on Stark & 2nd is Mothers and Mama Mia.
      Next door to Pazzo is Typhoon.
      But the restaurant connected to the 5th Avenue Suites is The Red Star Tavern which is a lovely restaurant with an award winning chef and really good food.
      We go there for lunch and love just having an afternoon drink..that is where your room service comes from ..We have stayed at the 5th Avenue Suites many times and I always recommend the hotel and the Red Star ..

      1. I've had a good dinner meal at the Red Star, too. If you're coming in late and don't really want to go anywhere else, know that you can have a good meal without leaving the building.

        In addition to the good choices mentioned above, Karam is also a good choice (provided they are open late) and an easy short walk from the hotel, if you are in the mood for Middle Eastern fare.

        1. I don't know Leonardo. I think Southpark is 5.5 minutes and Higgins 8 minutes. ;-)

          I disagree a bit with some of the strong praise above. I think Red Star is only decent. They screw up a lot of dishes at both the concept and execution phase. I think of it more as a safe choice when I'm with people who don't want a place too fancy or food too "different". Higgins is inconsistent, in my experience, and rarely lives up to the price and hype. I really like their pickles and charcuterie on their bar menu, though.

          Close by, my favorite is probably Pazzo. I think it's one of the best Italian restaurants in town. I also really like Karam and consider it the best value in downtown. Farther away in downtown are Murata, Portland's best sushi, and Carafe, a good bistro.

          It's often worthwhile, though, taking the Streetcar over to the Pearl and Northwest for many of Portland's best restaurants.

          1. And I feel just the opposite, I find Pazzo a disappointment every time, the food looks good but has little flavor and the service is spotty. They always strike us as being a typical Hotel restaurant...and nothing like a real Italian restaurant..
            We gave them a few chances, I don't even want to try them out anymore.

            I think The Red Star has great appetizers..Grilled Asparagus, Heirloom Tomato Salads with Burata cheese, great roast chicken and fish dishes.
            I like their big booths in the back for afternoon drinks. You have to go back and try again!

            But I do agree that taking the Streetcar into the Pearl or NW would be a great idea !