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Do you own any 'unchowlike' cookbooks?

Mine is Martin Yan's Everybody's Wokking. I really like the eggplant w/garlic sauce as it is easy to put together and tastes great. Some of the other recipes are easy knockoffs of other chinese dishes that might be good on a lazy night. Which cookbook do you own that we'd be surprised to find in your cookbook library?

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  1. Why is that unchowlike?

    1. "RAW the Uncookbook" Truly weird the way people are willing to torture food for hours, if not days, in order to avoid cooking it. This is a fascinating look into a food sub-culture that I find totally baffling.

      1. Don DeLuise's Eat This. But the Chinese chicken salad in there is so good.

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          We have the video series of his..we love Dom DeLuise cause he so enjoys cooking and loves food. I love the one where he goes shopping with his mom in Little Italy in New York.

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            I have to admit I like the Nancy Reagan's mushroom barley soup and eggplant to make a priest faint recipes from 'Eat This'. I bought the book about 15 years ago before I was much of a cook.

            I also have "RAW" I've read it but doubt I'll every use it.

          2. Somehow this thread reminds me of a Louis Armstrong quote. When someone asked him if he considered Jazz to be folk music, Satchmo said "All music is folk music. I ain't never heard no horse sing no song."

            I think all food that tastes good is Chowish. Even Quisp cereal.

            1. Point taken. I originally wanted to post "which embarassing cookbooks do you own?", but changed the topic at the last minute. Silly me.

              1. I've been collecting paper cook book pamphlets from the 20' till the 50's for years.

                My faves are: Cakes Men Like (1950)

                How famous Chefs Use Marshmallows (1923)

                Prunes for Epicures 23 Intriguing Recipes(1933)

                The Best Toast I ever Tasted (1939

                Want any recipes anyone? How about Sausage Filled Prunes or Toast Shortcake?

                1. I have a cookbook called The Four Ingredient Cookbook because it was $5 and has gorgeous photos. Still, I love it because the recipes are simple and easily embellished.

                  1. Best Recipes From The Backs Of Boxes, Bottles, Cans And Jars
                    by Ceil Dyer.

                    Yahoo! No more searching for the recipe for Rotel dip or Mock Apple Pie :)