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Aug 5, 2006 03:09 AM

Black Rhino food--edible?

A co-worker and I are organizing an office beer and apps night early next week and seem to have decided on the Black Rhino for its location and patio. Are the appetizers decent? We're not expecting chowish, just fine for what they aspire to (beer snacks.)

Alternate venue suggestions for a group of 12+ in the financial district/downtown/south station are welcome. Patios a plus.

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  1. I've gone to the Black Rhino afterwork a couple of times in the summer for the roof deck. Sadly, there's a shortage of bars/lounges in Boston where you can get a drink and some apps and sit outside.

    The Black Rhino has okay basic bar food.... nothing out of this world, just standard fare. There are a few things on the menu like tuna tartare (or something along those lines involving raw fish) that I would probably stay away from since it doesn't seem like the sort of thing that place would do particularly well. But who knows?

    1. The Black Rhino isn't bad. I've had ok meals there. I'd say it's a better place for drinks, though.