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Aug 5, 2006 02:04 AM

shrimp BURRITO??

all this talk about burrito makes me curious? I've yet to hear about shrimp burrito's. Are they "soooAmericanized" or do they exist in the Spanish Cuisine? If it does..who has the BEST one?

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  1. Tacos Baja Ensenada in East LA makes excellent shrimp tacos and burritos.

    I also like the marinated & sauteed shrimp at Wahoo's Fish Taco. They're all over the LA / OC area and beyond. Seeing how they have locations in Colorado, I suppose they're off topic on this board. If you want to chat about Wahoo's, we can walk over to the Chains board...

    1. Carnitas Tacos on Magnolia near Lankershim in North Hollywood has a terrific Shrimp Burrito.

      Give it a try,


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      1. re: Hypnotic23

        You mean Castita Taco del Carbon at 11300 Magnolia Blvd

        Also at
        405 N Victory Blvd (Magnolia)
        3791 Cahuenga Blvd (Lankershim)

        And IMHO, they're the best taco/burrito joint in town for chicken & steak. Not surprised that their shrimp burrito is also great.

        1. re: Briggs

          Yep, they call it the Ocean Burrito and it is top notch: shrimp grilled to order, pico de gallo, guac, all the fixin's... yum! The Magnolia/Bakman location is the best one in my opinion. I've had some weird food on Saturday mornings at the Victory location.

      2. i really love shrimp burritos, so much that i asked several people if they exist in authentic mexican food... they do, but most mexicans in the US are not from the regions that do eat shrimp burritos; therefore, it is rare to find them.

        my favorite is the los cabos shrimp burrito from la salsa... i wouldn't dream of getting anything else there... no other shrimp burrito compares... rubio's is 2nd, but not a close 2nd...

        1. I love the Shrimp Burritos at Carneceria Sanchez!! Great price too!! :)

          Shrimp dishes do exist in Mexico. Shrimp are found thought out the waters in Mexico and are exceptionally tasty!! On the other hand, Burritos, especially the way we know them, are pretty much an American thing... ;)


          1. Thank You, I meant "Castita Taco" and yes Shrimp-camarones are very popular in Mexico. My favorite dish being Costal Azul which is shrimp stuffed with crab meat, so so good!