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Aug 5, 2006 01:44 AM

Dim sum to cook at home

Hi All,
I'm giving a party later this year. I want to find some dim sum which I can buy uncooked, and then steam later for the party. I was thinking about har gow, char siu buns(baked), maybe XLB, and some peking buns, you know the white ones you split in half and fill with duck or pork. The party is in the North Bay, so I was thinking Clement St. would be easy to shop in. Any thoughts?

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  1. I'm pretty positive you can buy uncooked dim sum from any dim sum take-out joint. I would ask them cooking directions before you take the raw dim sum home.

    1. or you can buy them cook and resteam them as my family always did for breakfast... my grandma would buy a bunch of dim sum every week for us to eat for breakfast and would steam them in the rice cooker, tasted just as good =)

      1. I have good luck at New Wing Sing on 9th and Judah for uncooked dim sum. They are very friend for non Chinese speaking buyers. Good luck has as good stuff but in the past they have not been as helpful.

        They are just across Golden Gate Park and parking is a little easier than the other side of the park.

        Remommed their taro root fun gar, I can eat a six or nine on the ride home.

        You have resteam dim sum before, but it not that easy the first time.

        1. When I left home for college a long, long time ago, I took the slim Time Life Chinese cookbook. I think I still have it in a box somewhere. The dim sum fillings looked simple, but the wrappers sounded complicated. Someday I will make har gow -- even if mine look ridiculous and cost more than buying them -- just for the challenge. :-)