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Aug 4, 2006 11:00 PM

Kiwiberri in Claremont

For those of you who saw the article in the LA Times' calendar section today about Pinkberry yogurt in West Hollywood and thought, "Great! Another article about some wonderful eating experience so far from my home base in the godforsaken west end of the Inland Empire -- oh why do they include us in their circulation area then cruelly tease us this way?" take heart!

The article mentioned knock-off yogurt store Kiwiberri, which also sells fat-free, all-natural yogurt with fresh fruit toppings and is located in the Claremont Village (on Bonita Ave. just east of Indian Hill, next to Taco Factory). I stopped in today and tried the plain yogurt and the green tea yogurt with aforementioned toppings and both were delicious. They also sell smoothies and crepes.

Of course, the Times inadvertantly alerted us far eastern outcasts to a delightful eating experience that we don't have to drive an hour or more to get to, but I'm glad they (finally) did.

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  1. woohoo! Hurray for the Inland Empire!

    1. there's a kiwiberri under construction at 3rd and la cienega in the mishima shopping center across from the beverly connection. i suspected it was something like a pinkberry with their similar type face and all but just wasn't sure.

      1. I tried the kiwiberri next to sushi mac today, and it was really good, it had a similar taste to what pinkberry used to taste like, but with alot more tang and a very clean crisp refreshing taste to it which I havent been able to find elsewhere, I think I just may have found my new yogurt fix at kiwiberri.

        1. Thanks for the posting, I went to Kiwiberri in Claremont (LA County technically, folks) and loved it! They are not yet serving crepes. The young lady there gave me a generous sample of both flavors. I prefered the vanilla over the green tea because the yogurt tanginess really comes through. I opted for a small for $2.00, that was plenty. Another $1.50 and you can get 3 toppings, which include fresh fruits like raspberries, blueberries, diced mango or dry like granola, coconut and the very appealing diced mocci (chewy sweet rice cake.) I'm not such a nut for stuff like this but I really loved it and have been hankering for another.

          1. I agree with your posting. I, too, tried kiwi berri and love it. When I first tried it, it was good. the more I ate it, the better it got. I finished a smaller sized cup and yearned for more but stopped. The next day, I wanted some more...and now I can finish a large all by myself. haha. and I'm one of those people who can't finish a medium sized ice cream from Coldstones because it gets too sweet and starts tasting unhealthy. This stuff is good. I love the plain yogurt with stawberry, mochi, and granola. I've heard rumors that this was a knock off of pinkberry so was expecting pink berry to taste better. Went to try it and didnt like it at all. It's not worth the wait and the dreadful customer service..I'd say kiwiberri tastes much better and it saves me gas money. :)