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Aug 4, 2006 10:35 PM

Help - anniversary dinner w/unadventurous but easily impressed inlaws.

My future-in laws will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary, and we will be joining them along with their other child and her husband.

I want:
-GREAT and friendly service
-$80-$100 per person (not big drinkers)
-manhattan - lower-mid
-nothing too adventurious, spicy or over-the-top plating

These are folks in their 60s who don't go out to eat much, and when they do, it's italian or chinese food in Long Island. I blew their minds when I grilled Portobello mushrooms on their grill. We'd like to impress them with a delicious meal, and nice service and want somewhat high end. I thought of Hearth, as I recently was quite impressed there, but it might be too loud and too inventive for them.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Pietros Italian Steakhouse (e. 43rd btwn 3rd & 2nd) fits the bill. Very old school. My parents liked it very much.

      1. i suggest 11 madison park, great service gauranteed! fits the bill -- room will impress, not too adventurous menu (but great food), madison sq park.

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          EMP is the first place to come to mind for me.

        2. maybe Artisanal? if it's not too hot, fondue is always impressive

          1. Would you consider taking a cab over to the River Cafe in Brooklyn? Food is very good and service is wonderful. The view of the Manhattan skyline is spectacular and will definitely impress. Also impressive is their abundant use of fresh flowers throughout the restaurant. You can check out the prefixed dinner menu ($85 for 3 courses with many choices) to see if it meets your needs.The pier next door is a lovely stroll and great place to take a very memorable family photo with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. It's easy to grab a cab after dinner back to Manhattan or a short walk (though uphill) to a subway stop.


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              We want to stay in Manhattan. We're getting married at Bubby's in Dumbo, just down the road, so they've explored that area quite a bit. I do indeed want to eat there sometime though....thanks!