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Aug 4, 2006 10:17 PM

Bouillabaisse @ La Frite

Bouillabaisse fans, could anyone recommend a place other than La Frite Cafe for Bouillabaisse? Don't get me wrong, it's actually quite good @ La Frite, just looking to try it somewhere else. Although it's a seasonal/cold weather type dish, I know La Frite serves it on Fridays. Looking to get my fix. Thanks for the help/suggestions.

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  1. Mimosa has bouillabaisse on certain days - maybe only Fridays? I'd call to make sure. I've had it several times and enjoy it a lot.

    1. The Sea Shell, in Woodland Hills had a very good one the time I tried it a few years back. Haven't been since, and the place doesn't seem to be in great favor around this board but I'll stand by my rec.

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        Yeah, I'm a seafood lover & I've eaten there, a dissapointment. Thanks for the tip though

      2. Chez Mimi on 26th just south of San Vicente in Santa Monica has it on its menu, per the link. Never tried it though.

        1. Purans on Hillhurst in los Feliz and on La Brea in L.A. is a nice bistro cafe that serves a very good and resonably priced Bouillabaisse. I think it may be seasonal so check before you go