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Aug 4, 2006 10:15 PM

Traditional Chinese Breakfast

Is there anywhere one can get a traditional Chinese breakfast in NoVa (or anywhere else if not in Vriginia)? I mean things like shao bing/you tiao, or fried egg on scallion pancake, hot soy milk w/ condiments, porridge, etc? I would sure love to know.

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  1. Go to A&J, in either Rockville or Annandale. They have all the things you mention.

    1. I think Oriental Regancy on Route 7 about a mile or so from Tyson's Corner has it. So does the Taipei Tokyo cafe in Rockville across from Congressional mall.

      1. I'm fairly sure that A&J serves the breakfast menu only on weekends.

        1. Peking Village in Merrifield has traditional Chinese breakfast on weekends; I'm not sure if they have it during the week.