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Aug 4, 2006 09:59 PM

HELP...I'm hungry

I love good local food. I'm from Dallas Ft.Worth and I am moving to Ashburn Va. could I get the scoop on some good inexpensive local cuisine in the Washington/Virginia area. Also a good farmers market?

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  1. Try Colorado Kitchen on Colorado Avenue just off 14th St. The food is consistently excellent, and reasonably priced. The chef is temperamental but I have come to overlook this because of excellently prepared food.

    1. A good farmer's market is the Reston one, at Lake Anne. You'll also be able to see a bit of "historic" Reston. It's on Saturdays. There should be some closer, and I'd imagine there's one in Leesburg, but I'm not sure where or when.

      From your other post, you've moved from Texas. I was going to say Mighty Midget in Leesburg, but you might pull BBQ rank on me. For a nice meal, Lightfoot in Lburg is a good bet.

      Also there are a good few taco joints all over - most are run by Salvadorans, so they have a taste that's not LA or SF or Tex Mex, but still good. is a recent post covering many, including my list of Reston/Herndon - note that two are in Lake Anne.

      You should also check out Sweetwater on Rt 7. It's a small local chain (Great American Restaurants -> google it) where they do a slightly different take for each type of resto.

      There are some posts for Loudon county, including one sort of recently, and quite a few on Reston and Herndon.

      As you find things, post back your findings and further questions. It's such a wide open request that it's hard not to write a novel back to you.

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        thankyou lot of good info. I've never lived anywhere else but Texas so I need all the help I can get.