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Aug 4, 2006 09:41 PM

Vancouver eats?

SO and I will be in Vancouver for 3 days in mid-August. We're going to kettle of fish one night. Any suggestions for the other nights or lunches? Thanks.

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  1. t might be a bit repetitive with the seafood, but I really like Aqua Riva near the Pan Pacific for the great seafood, they have a whole rottiserrie menu as well with excellent meats and pizzas. They are fairly cheap at lunch, dinner would be in the same range as a Kettle of Fish. In the Georgia Strait they often have 2 for one coupons. Salmon House on the Hill, if you have a car, would be another good choice as they have an amazing view and have this whole promotion on now, appie, entree and dessert (your choice) for 30.00 as they are celebrating 30th anniversary. other places:
    Vij"s for indian
    provence marinaside
    Milestone's, a local chain, is a safe bet for any meal, English Bay one being the most well know.

    Hope this helps,

    1. KoF is nothing special-there are much better choices-try Blue Water in nearby Yaletown.