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Aug 4, 2006 09:15 PM

Joyce Bakeshop in Prospect Heights

Dear Chowhounders:

Does anyone know the story with Joyce Bakeshop in Prospect Heights? The website ( looks promising and we are in dire need of Gorilla coffee and fancy treats in the neighborhood.

Last I heard, the owner is still waiting for some inspections to happen.

What's the latest?

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  1. It's open!! As of today, 8/30/06.

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    1. re: wasserd

      Do you promise? ;) I've already been "burned" twice this summer by dragging my tired pregnant self (motivated by the prospect of gorgeous, tasty cupcakes) only to find the brown paper still on the windows...

    2. I live nearby and believe not only is it open but it's already packed with customers. The blog is already buzzing with reviews with satisfied customers.

      1. Yes, the Daily Heights has already started some serious tasting. I had coffee and a scone this morning. Delicious blueberry lemon scone- not greasy, not dry, just right. And they steamed my milk for no extra charge.

        1. Joyce is cozy, busy and yummy. Her plum and blueberry cobbler with cornbread crumb toppin gwas delicious! And very baby friendly.

          1. the place is definitely warm and inviting, but at least when i went, it was tough to find anything in the display case that really called my name. i wound up with a strawberry tart--that contained some nice, ripe strawberries and a decent vanilla custard but it's not something i would rush back for. the cupcakes bummed me out because they were iced with a swirl of frosting that did not cover their entire top and i want--no, i need, my frosting to cover the entire cupcake top so i can get a bit in every bite. there was a red velvet cake and a strawberry shortcake layer cake that both looked good, but they were not being offered in slices (just whole). i would certainly give the place another try, but for my money, one of the best pastries in brooklyn right now is the chocolate eclair at jacques torres which includes a coating of dark chocolate on the bottom. it is pure heaven and it's going to be tough for joyce to beat it, if you ask me!