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Aug 4, 2006 08:26 PM

Has anyone been to the new Tasting Room location?

If so, details, please...

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  1. Yes, I went last night. Mind you the old one is my favorite in NYC. Food: excellent as ever. Room: not quite as intimate as the old, tiny space, but still preserving some intimacy. Noisy.
    Menu: here's the big change. they're getting away from the "taste" and "share" thing, offering more conventional appetizer and entree sections. Prices: higher, maybe 20-25%, than the old "taste" prices, but they say the portions are larger.

    Biggest shock: the service was very very good. Surprising given that they've only been doing dinner since Tuesday night.

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    1. re: xavier

      That is very encouraging. The old Tasting Room was one of my favorite places ever. I have a big post-wedding dinner planned there on Aug. 26. We are getting married the day before and want to be able to catch up with our friends before they leave and we leave for our honeymoon. I called TR yesterday to make the reservation and they were as nice as can be. What did you eat?

      1. re: Brigita

        They change their menu pretty much daily, so it's not much of a guide. Fish, fish, fish. Cobia tartar, roast cobia, cod, and black sea bass. I have found that they also have amazing poultry, because you can get good fish yourself, but you'd have a hard time sourcing chicken and duck as amazing as they get it. (I you go to the Union Square Greenmarket a lot and spend the big bucks at Quattro, you can get close, however).

        Their pork can also be great because of the same sourcing issue. They don't buy the flavor-free industrial pork the rest of us are stuck with.