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Aug 4, 2006 08:24 PM

Best Indian Food on 6th Street?

Going to 6th street tonight for Indian food - is there any one that stands out?

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  1. According to urban legand all of those restaurants share one kitchen, located in the basement.

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    1. re: erikka

      Well, that's just not true. Angon and Brick Lane are both quite different from the rest.

      Angon, actually Bangladeshi, not Indian, used to be amazing, but, while there is some disagreement on these Boards, isn't quite as good as it used to be, although still better than the other joints.

      Brick Lane is more like a London Curry House, and I find it more satisfactory than other places on 6th. However, other than Madras Cafe on 2nd Ave, I rarely do South Asian in this hood anymore. I believe a few places in Curry Hill are better these days.

      1. re: Jorel

        Almost all of them are Bangladeshi. Angon may have been the first to advertise it. I agree that Madras Cafe is the only Indian worthwhile in the E.V., though I've heard the Sri Lankan place on 1st Ave is good.

        1. re: Peter Cherches

          Peter, that is true; I was just letting the original poster know that I was not recommending and Indian place.

        2. re: Jorel

          Uh...yeah. I'm joking.

          Geez, tough crowd around here.

      2. I've always enjoyed Sonali (more than 20 years).

        1. i like haveli the best on the corner of 2nd ave. their dinner for two is tasty and a great value ($35 or so). brick lane and banjara are also worthwhile. generally, i avoid any place with touts in the front.

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          1. re: fulminating

            I don't understand the gustatory appeal of Haveli. I'm trying to remember when the last time was that I went there; it seems like a few months ago but was probably about a year ago. It was quite underwhelming. Fatty but not that tasty. Nice decor, though.

            I imagine Banjara still serves good food, though I haven't been back since a date I had a few years ago when three different members of the waitstaff interrupted our conversation to ask us whether we were "still working" on food we were eating - the last time, trying to take my plate - at a time when there were plenty of free tables.

            My last meal at Angon was so bad that I have no inclination of going back. Terribly oversalted food.

            I haven't been to Brick Lane in quite a long time, after having made the mistake of getting Phaal and paying for it via the stomach all night. I should give them another chance.

            I do like and recommend Madras Cafe (if you want chili in your utthapams or masala dosas, ask for little green chilis to be added, but the food is uniformly good and tasty, except for the pickles), and I will also try the Sri Lankan place, since I've read several good reports here and one or two on eGullet, as well.

            1. re: Pan

              I agree - I am not a Haveli fan. Yeah, give Brick Lane another chance. I've always been satisfied, if not wowed; It's no Madras Cafe, but it's good.

              1. re: Jorel

                What do you recommend at Brick Lane? Extra points for dishes that aren't very fatty, because I think it was the fat much more than the hot pepper that gave me trouble when I had the Phaal.

                1. re: Pan

                  Ok, I'm racking my brain for the dishes that weren't too fatty.

                  For apps, their Aloo Chat is decent, but not amazing. I liked the Lasuni Gobi, but it is deep fried, so pretty fatty.

                  I've never had any of the Tandori dishes, so I coan't comment on those.

                  I thought their Aloo Gobi was pretty good, and of the curries that aren't so creamy, I thought the Bhuna, Dhansak, and Balti were pretty good. I liked a few others that were a bit fattier though.

          2. I live around the corner from this block and have eaten in all the restaurants at least once, some many times. I think Brick Lane is the best (also the most expensive), and would also recommend Banjara and Madras Cafe. Angon used to be one of my favorites, but it's more hit or miss these days. I haven't been to the new Sri Lankan place yet, mostly because of negative feelings about the previous tenants, not very rational of me.

            1. While I'm sure there are better options, I absolutely love Panna II. The pepper lights are so great. Also, if you go, say it's your birthday. You won't be disappointed.

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              1. re: Traz0r

                Do you like it for the food or just the atmosphere? I used to hang out with a friend who loved the place, and I was always very underwhelmed. Nothing personal, but I just find the typical Bangladeshi "Indian" restaurants on that block stomach-turning.

                Jorel, feel free to mention the fattier dishes you liked at Brick Lane, too.