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Aug 4, 2006 08:06 PM

7 Course Fish Dinner at Vietnamese Restaurants?

Does anyone know of any Vietnamese restaurants that do a seven (or is it five) course fish dinner? I've been hearing about it off and on for a few months now, but haven't actually been able to find any info on it and I've been wanting to organize that for my dining group.


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  1. Try Nhu-Y in Fountain Valley. The decor is hideous but the food is pretty good. The 7 course fish runs about 15 a person. HTH

    10830 Warner Avenue
    Fountain Valley, CA

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      Do you know what the various courses feature? Do the courses revolve around using various parts of one fish or are different fish represented in each course?

    2. It has been awhie since I have dined there but I do remember that the fish used were different. I remember salmon as well as catfish and tuna. I had spring rolls, congee, fish soup, fish salad...... HTH!

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      1. re: quinntran

        Thanks for your help. I'll definitely look into checking this restaurant out.