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Aug 4, 2006 07:55 PM

Best recent purchase?

I recently bought a flat silicon whisk that's great for making pan sauces. Covers lots of area quickly and the sauce comes together in no time. Made by Cuisinart. Yours?

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  1. This week I finally bought a handheld lemon press juicer at William Sonoma and was pleased to see how well it worked. I was able to get much more volume from limes and lemons and the juice seemed to be more flavorful, which is no doubt due to the pressure the juicer exerts on the peel.

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    1. re: stephen

      I went through two of these (Williams Sonoma) in about six months making margaritas--I like the OXO much better!

    2. I was gifted a dual garlic press/slicer from Williams-Sonoma. My garlic consumption has easily tripled because it's so easy to add it to dishes now (and it's not like I wasn't already eating a lot of garlic before).

      But the real best recent purchase was a tube of Mederma. I burn myself a lot, and would rather not look like a monster...

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      1. re: Pei

        Band-Aid liquid bandage. My hands crack open when I do a lot of cooking--and therefore a lot of washing dishes. This stuff is a miracle!

      2. Stainless sponge holder that attaches to the side of my sink with suction cups. Keeps the sponges clean, dry and out of the way.

        Also, silicone pastry brush. No more picking bristles out of my food.

        1. The Garlic Express garlic roaster. Countertop electric garlic roaster in the shape of a garlic! Place up to three whole heads of garlic in it, press the button, and presto! 30 minutes later you have beautifully roasted garlic without ever having to turn on the oven.

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            I ordered a few of these for Xmas gifts (and one for myself)! I hope they turn out the garlic soft/creamy! I have long roasted in the oven, and while that is fine, love the idea of simply putting them in, seasoning them, and presto, in 30 minutes! I NEVER buy where I cannot return! I don't like buyers' remorse! So, I am covered!

          2. I finally used my 14-inch Calphalon Nonstick pan my sister bought me for last Christmas. I love it more and more each time I use it. Don't really need the huge size. Clean up is so easy!