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Aug 4, 2006 07:30 PM

Matsutake - anybody agree?

Wife has been saying "you absolutely have to go to this sushi lunch buffet, it is to die for!" I'm referring to Matsutake in Ballston.

My impression: "You look lovely, dear, thank you for bringing me!" plus (to myself) "This is exactly the same, item for item, as the (now closed) Appetizer Plus in Rosslyn, except better decor." Unobjectionable sushi, identical hot buffet (including very good tempura), both sushi and hot buffet having a few less items than Appetizer Plus had. Altogether, just fine but nothing to slog through the parking crunch in Ballston for when I could get ALMOST as good at some (not all) buffets elsewhere.

Agree? Disagree? Anybody know if it's the same management? (I understood Appetizer Plus was owned by the owner of Matubs).

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    1. I thought Appetizer Plus presented a decent product, not great, but decent, and for the price it was fairly good. I think that Matsutake charges slightly more for a slightly better product, and the decor is better. Plus, I have to drive less to get there, but the parking is more difficult... The girls I know like Matsutake better, and since the rest is a wash, I think I like the Matsutake product better than the Appetizer product. Slightly.

      1. there is also a matsutake in herndon, in worldgate center, but i am not sure how much i trust the buffet. i went a few weeks ago and the sushi was good, but the buffet wasnt refrigerated at all, just sat on a shelf on plates that may not have even been cold. that having been said, i ate a lot of sushi and never got sick.