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Yesterday was the last day of my summer school class (Calc II... a real pain!). Before the final, some friends and I decided that we would celebrate the end of class by going to Randy's Doughnuts (the big doughnut off the 405 in Inglewood) to get some fresh, right out of the oven chocolate and maple bars. These suckers come out at 3:30am, and although I usually don't stay up that late, especially to go eat doughnuts, we wanted to experience what a fresh chocolate bar tastes like... So damn the time!

When we arrived around 3:30am with a gallon of milk in the cooler, we were giddy with delight. We contained ourselves and got a mixed dozen for appitzers. The mixed dozen consisted of honey-wheats, chocalate raised, glazed, and apple crepes, all a few hours old (except for the glazed which was fresh out of the oven) and very, very tastey. They tasted way better than Krispy Kreme, not as cloying with a much better firmness. They were SO good. I have never had doughnuts that great before.

But we came for the main course, and the main course consisted of FRESH maple and chocolate bars. How fresh you ask? So fresh that the chocolate and maple frosting was still liquidy and gooy on the hot bar. They could not have been more than 15 minutes old MAX.

OHHH what a doughnut! Words can't do these things justice! Warm, soft bar with hot, gooey chocolate and maple. Perfect firmness. And the chocolate and maple frosting... so rich yet not overwhelming.

As I ate my hot chocolate bar in the seedy parking light, cup of cold milk in one hand, hot delicious choclate bar in the other, I admired the enormous moonlit doughnut that sits on top of Randy's and though I am the luckest person on earth. If you really want to experience a fresh, amazing doughnut, I highly sugggest toughing it out and going to Randy's at 3:30am. It might be insanely late, but the doughnuts were insanely good!

Oh what a night!


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  1. Having OD'd on donuts far too many times, your posting bordering on being pornographic for me. Have you had the sinkers at Primo's, if so, how would you compare Randy's to Primos?

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      Never been... hmmm... interesting. I think that when you compare doughnuts, they all must be fresh like last night, otherwise you are comparing apples and oranges. One day...

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        Hell, at three or four in the morning you can zip right over from Randy's to Primo's, or vice-versa, they aren't that far apart.

        So now you have your ASSIGNMENT.

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        Ha! "pornographic" indeed.

        I prefer Randy's myself, but Primo's buttermilk bars are divine straight out of the fryer (and the chocolate pretzels aren't too shabby either).

      3. i know this sounds corny, but i actually got emotional reading your post - we really are lucky !! god bless america...now pass me the milk and donuts !!! Randy's a little too far for me ...but donut man is 2 miles away !!! i've decided to wake up early on saturday for a dinut run !!!

        1. Great post, young_chower!

          1. The advantage Krispy Cream has is that they are more freshly made. I live a few blocks from Randys but later in the day they are somewhat stale.

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              NEVER buy a donut after 9:00 A.M., the good ones don't have a shelf life. (I keep telling this to the Mrs. everytime we are out and about in the late afernoon and we cruise by a donut shop and she trys to convince me to stop.)

              NEVER put a Krispy Kreme inside your digestive tract, unless you want to needlessly shorten your life span sucking in some poor excuse for a sugar and fat delivery system. Those calories are better squandered on real donuts, or on pork products!

            2. The chocolate old fashioned is the best of all of them. Crunch on the outside, then sink into the dark chocolate center. To me they are worthy of buying even up to 10 am, but many times are sold out. Talk about spoiling a craving!

              1. I've never been there when the bars are coming out fresh from Randy's, one of the most romantic spots in Los Angeles. But I've eaten many a Randy's, and Big Donut Drive-In before then, and have to say that I'm not that impressed by them. I still love the place, though.

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                  I have also had the maple and chocolate bars when they were not fresh with mixed results. Some were ok, others were gross. That is why we went when they were fresh, because we wanted to experience what what one of the bars tasted like at its peak flavor. Sure glad we did!

                2. This was a great review, young chower! Thanks!

                  1. Your post reminded me of my grad school days at UC Santa Cruz, where me and the GF would trek to Farrell's at about 2:30 a.m. when the fresh hot cinnamon rolls were first being served.

                    Anyone know of a place on the Westside that is open for business when the cinnamon rolls are just being readied? Also, any reliable schedules to get croissant right out of the oven?

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                      Sorry, I don't know.

                      As far as a croissant schedule, I'd call in and just ask. Call in a few times though because some employees are more knowledgeable than others.

                    2. I used to work @ Stan's Donuts in Westwood. He "closed" @ 1am to start making
                      donuts for the next day. After cleaning up, Stan would treat us to whatever
                      he'd just pulled out of the fryer. Buttermilk bars still dripping with glaze,
                      fluffy chocolate cruellers, Jellies with red and purple filling oozing out the sides...
                      We'd ice our milk down in the freezer, then sink our teeth into Stan's steaming
                      handmade bites of heaven...man, those were the days...

                      1. Nice job, Young Chower. I could practically smell the hot fat from the fryer. It brought to mind our own pre-dawn excursions -- and long drives -- to places like Mrs. Chapman's Angel Food Donuts for their signature fresh, warm applesauce cake donuts. Mmmmmm . . . dough -- nutz . . arrrghhhh.

                        In any event, after reading this thread, I was reminded about all the recent buzz surrounding natural fuel conversions which convert diesel engines to run on vegetable oil. The exhaust reportedly smells like donuts frying. Now, how cool would that be to have our infamous LA smog replaced by the aroma of fresh fried donuts?

                        1. maybe we sould all post to this topic in our profiles:
                          "How far would you drive for a fresh donut?"
                          ....or start a new post :)

                          (my epiphany was as a college student at Cal Poly SLO. We'd had a rash of car breakins at the dorm parking lot. I pulled a 2-5 a.m. 'guard' shift with my boyfriend. At about 4:00 we hightailed it across the intersection to Campus Donuts, run by Gary Carlock, now of Carlock's in Los Osos. The jam filled donuts had just come out and the jam was hot, the powdered sugar melting, the outside crispy....oh, my lord! I've never had one as good to this day! Carlock's makes donuts, but doesn't open till 6:30 or 7:OO :( )

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                            Hi Folks-

                            We seem to be starting to drift off of topic on this thread (donuts in L.A.), and we would like to ask that if you wish to continue the discussion about the virtues (and oh, there are so many) of a good donut, please start a thread on General Topics.