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Aug 4, 2006 07:10 PM

Wine shop on LES?

Can anyone recommend a wine shop on the lower east side? The closer to the Delancey St. subway station, the better! Thanks.

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  1. september wines and spirits, on the corner of ludlow and stanton. it's a fantastic place.

    1. Good suggestion. There's also one on the east side of Clinton, also around Stanton/Rivinton-ish. I forgot the name.

      1. The one on Clinton and Stanton is called Da-Vino specalizes in Itallian wines, the owner is veyr knowledable

        1. It's spelled De-Vino, I believe, and they do have a great selection of italian wines...

          1. One street over into the East Village, on 1st and 1st, is Discovery Wines -- emphasis on good-value wines.

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              Discovery is actually on Ave A at 1st St. But great place.