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Aug 4, 2006 07:07 PM

Koo Koo Roo in Studio City

I'm not sure if this belongs on the chain board, but I think this is pretty specific to the Studio City store.

I'm actually about to go there for lunch for the second time, but if memory serves me right, it's unlike any other Koo Koo Roo I've been to.

1) It's big.
2) They have fresh carved sandwiches (I had the pulled pork last time) and if I recall correctly they even serve an Ahi salad or sandwich (I could be wrong, but I remember that for some reason)
3) They serve Fuddrucker burgers.
4) They have a salad bar area, with about 12 different salads to pick from as your side dish. And you fill it yourself.

Anyone else been? I was wowed by the fact it was unlike any other I've been too, and the food was as you'd expect Koo Koo Roo to be. The pulled pork sandwich was actually pretty tasty.

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  1. It now has common ownership with Fuddruckers as they had to do something to get more people in the place more often and of course get out of bankruptcy.
    Glad to hear the food is headed upwardly, as it had been on a downward trend for quite some time.
    I think only certain ones have the Fuddruckers as part of the operation, however, and this one is huge in size, and thus able to handle the addition.

    1. the one on wilshire in the miracle mile has a fuddrucker's there. it always struck me as being anachronistic. healthy skinless chicken, and then big fat hamboogers just in case you want to lard up.

      1. Hi-

        We are going to allow this post to stand on the L.A. board, as it serves as a "heads up" to what may possibly be a unique situation, today.

        Please, however, continue any further discussion about any change in concept at Koo Koo Roo, or anything about Fuddruckers on the Chains board.


        1. That's interesting. When Koo Koo Roo first opened it was great and had very interesting sides like babaganoush and tabouli as well as more conventionally popular one. And they and the chicken were good. It was then on Ventura near Tujunga.

          The last time I went to the one near me in Woodland Hills it was boring and *awful*. When I'm in that part of the Valley again, I'll check out the Studio City KKR. ...if I can get past the Carney's without stopping there first, that is. ;>

          1. (I hope this post will also be allowed to remain as it contrasts two separate L.A.-area KKRs.)

            The Studio City branch, with the Fuddruckers burgers, is one of the gems of the chain. If you want to contrast them, go to the one on Riverside in Toluca Lake, which is just plain *chaloshes* -- and no Fuddruckers burgers either. The salads at Studio City are better and more plentiful, there's more turnover, and the service is even better.

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            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Just got back...

              I decided to do a "make your own salad" this time. Ususally I have the Asian Chicken Salad, which is not your traditional Chinese Chicken Salad, but it's quite good.

              I got to pick from 5 different lettuce varietys, about 15 different toppings (including mango), I chose the Ahi tuna, which is precooked and cold, but on the medium rare side, and dressing. VERY GOOD.

              At this location, you can also do the chicken thing, which allows you to visit their salad bar with about 12 salads. You can also choose from fresh carved sandwiches, which besides pulled pork include steak & horshradish, turkey, and chicken. Then there's burgers, fish (salmon and tuna) platters, and even what seems to be a tiny produce market (don't quite me on that, but they had baskets of fresh veggies, and a melon was missing.)

              All in all, for a fast food joint, I give it an A.