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Aug 4, 2006 06:58 PM

30 Minute Meals?

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried one of Rachel Ray’s thirty minute meals. Can it really be done in half an hour?

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  1. I don't know, but she's really taking the naming to an extreme. The other week she made Notsagne (basically penne with riccotta, tomato, sausage, etc.) and last week it was Shish-ka-hold-the-bobs. Which was basically lamb and grilled veggies over rice.

    I don't doubt that you can make them in a half hour, though. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of the time she's got mise en place set up (under the guise that she acctually comes home from the grocery store and preps all her veggies for the week at once.)

    1. I read an interview with her and she said that there isn't a timer running, and not everyone should expect to do it in 30 minutes. For example, she said, knife skills play a big part in how quickly you get everything going. Someone like me, with no knife skills whatsoever, would probably take closer to an hour. :-P

      Totally OT, but don't you wish you had her appliances? I'd kill for her fridge and her broiler. :-D

      1. My friend (who reads a lot of internet gossip columns on every topic imaginable...not that that means what she said is true) says a common complaint about RR recipes is that they can NOT be completed in 30 minutes. Like others have said, she has everything cleaned and neatly packaged and portioned out in the fridge, and she has decent knife skills, and someone's laid out all the pots and pans she needs.

        Having said that, you could do the same for yourself the night before and get closer to that 30 minute mark the day that you need to cook.

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          Exactly the same complaint I've read - you should expect to spend an hour to 2.5 hours on her "30 Minute Meals", depending on the prep.

        2. I haven't tried her recipes so I personally can't say if they are doable in 30 minutes. I was interested in the same topic so I have checked the feedback on that people have left regarding her cookbooks. The comments are from people who have actually used her recipes and they might be helpful for your research. The other option is to pick a recipe from the food network website and give it a go.

          1. Well, after just watching her spaghetti and meatball episode, I can definitely say that it would be terribly difficult to make this one in 30 minutes. Yes, you can multitask, but even with a 20-30 minute cook on the sauce, you're looking at more like an hour from start to finish. That's not bad, but you could certainly do this the day ahead, and just boil up the pasta and make a salad in 1/2 hour.

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              I just wish that all the ingredients I needed were right in front of me when I open the cupboards. That would save me a good 5 minutes of rooting around.