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Aug 4, 2006 06:55 PM

looking for good dinner restaurant/south slope or near park slope

Am tired of the coco rocos, english chips, taco places, blue ribbon park sloppy places. any recommendations for a comfortable, informal place to eat with decent prices and great food. thanks in advance

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  1. KitchenBar. 6th ave and 20th St.

    1. Mister Falafel on 7th Ave between 3rd and 4th. 12th Street Bar and Grill if you're looking for a place that has booze. What is Kitchen Bar like btw?

      1. I have had two nice experiences visiting the kitchen bar. The menu, in my opinion suffers from a slight identity crisis; burgers as tapas, tapas as entrees, large plates for two or more people with an Italian/ Latin/ continental/ mediterranean vibe; there was a thread recently about the burgers somewhere that you might what to check out. I think the reviews were mixed.

        We had the cheese and charcuterie plates, me and my girlfriend, the earth didn’t shatter, but they were both really nice experiences. Friendly staff, and eager to make their customers feel welcome while exerting little effort to do so, it is always nice to receive such service. For those of you who like to enjoy a pre/during/post dinner cocktail - the bartenders were substantially generous, noticeably both times. I will go back...if only to catch a whiff of the pulled pork next door, which I think, being the activist type, I am currently boycotting.

        1. Well (sound of fingers cracking), here's what I would recommend...

          Watana has surprisingly good Thai food
          Anthony's Pizza
          Eating at the bar at Tempo
          I'm a raving fan of Stone Park, where I also prefer the bar
          Song (in the garden)
          Miracle Grill also definitely fits the bill - comfortable, informal, good drinks, great staff

          I have been a devoted fan of KitchenBar, but after never being wowed by the service I'm taking some time off after having a comically bad meal there this past Wednesday (their usually delectable sliders were burned to a crisp, the one waitperson was doing a poor job of managing the entire full room, forgotten drinks, etc.). I'll go back, but not for a good long while.

          1. maybe not 'great' food but v. good and satisfying and very reasonably priced are pan-latin 'beso' (altho as i and others note, dodgy service, esp. at brunch..) and pan-asian 'nana' with pretty back garden.