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Noon on Bathurst

Just returned from a delicious lunch at Noon Restaurant on Bathurst just south of Dupont. Noon opened up 3 weeks ago in place of Misto.
They serve an all day breakfast and lunch as well. Menu is online check it out. The space is pretty sparse right now and I was the only person there but they have a great variety of salads and sandwhiches including the make your own variety. I had the smoked chicken club.. which was great.. maybe because it was slathered in mayo.

p.s. I would not classify this in the brunch category though they do have items which are brunchified (eggs benny)

can I include links to the website now???


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  1. I got a take out sandwich, Pulled Pork and it was quite good. The bread was especially delicious. The sandwiches on the menu were all appealing and you can build your own if you wish. It seems like it will be a winner.

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      have you had the black camel pulled pork? if so, any comparison points?

    2. The DH and I stopped by on the weekend for a couple sandwiches. We created our own - exceptionally tasty and given the quality and choice of [premium] ingredients, well worth the $10 price tag. Our only complaint was that the service was a little too laid back...

      1. I went yesterday and had the all-day breakfast. It was very good -- $6 for the "small" breakfast -- I got 2 poached eggs perfectly cooked; wholegrain toast (Ace bakery) with butter; potatoes -- boiled then tossed in a mixture of olive oil and butter; and I opted for the fruit salad (a bowl of blackberries, pineapple, grapes, strawberry and blueberries) instead of the meat option. Service was slow (but friendly), but the food was very good and I would definitely go back. Nice to have a good breakfast place in the hood.

        1. I had the french goat cheese omelette and my wife had the smoked chicken & roquefort omelette last weekend - both were quite good. The place was pleasantly crowded, service was very friendly and reasonably fast given then crowd. We'll be back.

          1. What am I, The Grim Reaper? Went to Noon for lunch, hoped to be a nice change from MacDonalds on my usual Tuesday grocery run.
            When we arrived, the place was totally desserted except for the owner. First thing we noticed was the place was FREEZING (First Day of Spring!) The owner/server was dressed to keep warm in a parka and sloppy jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.
            The menu was the same as advertised on the website, which I thought might be good, considerng the prices were high. My friend ordered two eggs over easy and wholewheat toast, I ordered a Reuben sandwich. For $8.50, I would have expected the fixings for the sandwich would at least be room temperature. The skimpy slice of cheese in the sandwich wasn't ever going to melt when put up against the frigid meat. Absolutely NO garnish whatsover,. Same thing on the egg front, unless you count a cherry tomato cut in half.

            This should be a great neighbourhood restaurant, and I would love for it to be around long enough to build a good clientele. But cold food, in a cold restaurant, bereft of customers doesn't bode well. Especially when the owner leaves to go upstairs to continue a discussion with the bookeeper, who had come down to the main floor to discuss profit margins!
            Should I communicate with the owner or just wait for the next incarnation?

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              I must admit that I went to Noon last week, also hoping for and expecting something special. The waitress was very friendly and competent and the breakfasts looked good--better looking than yours, I suppose, Danybear. They were, however, lacking in substance. I had the pancakes which were creatively served intertwined. These were some of the heaviest, most dense pancakes that I'd ever experienced. The flavour was fine, but the texture....
              It's the kind of place that you want to do well, but I really don't know. We won't be back to try it again.
              Our new favourite spot is Homeway, on Mt. Pleasant, about 3 blocks north of Eglinton. We've been twice in a week. Excellent presentation, flavour and service for a reasonable price ($5.95 bacon, eggs, home fries, toast, coffee). The bacon was thick-cut and smokey, and the homefries were akin to O'Brien potatoes--delicious. Mmmmm. (this deserves a posting of its own)

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                Returned to NOON for another stab, I really want a good neighbourhood resto! Absolutely nothing has changed, except my lunch companion, a fabulous foodie from Sudbury, who really knows his stuff. What an embarrasing time! We both had the "staff" sandwich" with muligatawny soup (sp?) The sandwich was advertised as scrambled eggs, cheddar, carmelized onions and back bacon on spcial bread was beyond ho hum. We both opene dour sandwiches and looked for the advertised bacon. The server brought two lsices when quizzed. The soup, which I am not familiar with would have done PC Foods very proud, real tatse of canned lack of interest.
                And six months later the place really needs a paint job, as th eoriginal wa sobviously doen in a cheapo quality paint. We attempted to gigure out how th eplace survicves. Its either th epatio, which serves alcohol, or perhaps they sell something under th ecounter we did not know about! The staff looked they did.

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                  Like I said, nothing changes...I predict they'll be gone shortly. Unfortunately, not by noon.

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                    I've been to noon twice in the last two months and my experiences have been excellent both times. My companion on both visits has complained about the inadequacy of the coffee--an essential to lots of brunchers--but that is not an issue as I am a confirmed tea drinker. 1st visit: made my own sandwich out of ciabatta, smoked salmon, cucumber, red onion, and chive aioli (I think chive)----really great and delicious ingredients, especially the quality of the salmon they use. This was accompanied by what they called a non-baked French onion soup...so while it was missing the gooey decadence of a cheese topping, this was a very respectable beef broth with onions and croutons and lots of grated cheese on top. It was a remarkably good soup as a side brunch accompaniment.

                    2nd visit: This time I had the club sandwhich which had really good fresh ingredients but was marred by its non-triple-deckerness...a flaw of nearly all attempts at fancied-up clubs IMO. This was totally redeemed by an excellent potato and cheddar soup that was intensely creamy and cheesy. It was probably bad for me but it was almost like eating a bowl of cheese covered fries...mmmm.

                    Soooo...maybe, in contrast to what a poster was saying earlier, I feel that their soups are the real star...and that the sandwiches are well deserving of further investigation.

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                      I keep eyeing that place & have yet to go- but if the soup & sandwich is the way to go, then I'm game ( as those two things done well are a short path to my heart)!

                      I'll report back!

                      *EDIT*- I just read grobins review about the bad service- how was it mstacey?? If it's that bad I don't think I'll go -I'd never wait more than a few min. for a table...

            2. Had a very good experience at Noon this past Sunday.

              I had the Sopressatta sandwich which was a delicious combination of salami, cheese, peppers, and eggplant. The highlight though was that instead of the listed caesar salad they were fine with me substituting any combination of sides whose menu price totals five dollars. (The listed price for a small caesar.) I intended for this to be smoked salmon (a good sized portion) and the house potatoes but supply necessitated a further substitution of baked beans for the latter (we were there at the tail end of brunch post-2 PM). My gf had the eggs benny that were very well-executed.

              Once we had a table, service was prompt and smooth. The only hiccup was a five-ish minute wait for coffee. The bloody caesar was generously-sized, though obviously weighing heavily on the clamato (a welcome change for brunch, imho), and very tasty.

              The wait was quite long but the food was well worth it and the price was def right.

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                So let me get this straight...you had to wait for a table, you had to wait for coffee, the bloody ceasar had too much clamato, they ran out of house potatoes. Yup, sounds much improved.

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                  I really don't understand the mindset that led you to interpret a fair and balanced review the way you did.

                  How does "weighing heavily on the clamato" and "a welcome change" come out as "too much"? I'm sure if you asked for it in a short glass they would oblige but I felt that the more refreshing, pint-glass size version was more what I want at two o'clock on a Sunday.

                  As for the wait, if you can't stand it, eat at home--or somewhere else--I was fine with it as part of a relaxed Sunday afternoon spent chatting with pleasant company.

                  I can't really comment on "improved" as this was my first time at Noon.

                  My bar for posting a generally positive review on CH is not "perfect, totally awesome experience". I'd rather write (and read) reviews about very good places that also note what to watch out for instead of just the fawning and positive or uber-negative and hyper-picky.