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Aug 4, 2006 06:43 PM


Off to Vegas In a couple of weeks. I know there are plenty of big names to chose from. But does any one know of any good ‘off the beaten’ path places to eat?

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  1. Some of my friends have a fascination with the Hawaiian cafe at the California Hotel. Googling suggests its name is "Aloha Specialties," and if you find that you've had too much celeb-chef stuff, a bowl of saimin and a spam musubi might be the answer.

    1. Todd's Unique in Henderson is excellent particularly his seafood specials. He is currently on vacation through 8/22, but here is a link to the website with menu:

      1. There are several people who filed trip reports recently that might interest you, including me (a seven-parter). Other than Lotus of Siam, I think most of the places I write about could be considered off-the-beaten path.