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What's good in Koreatown---besides Korean food?

Hi, I just moved to Koreatown and am pretty excited about exploring this wild neighborhood. I have found a lot of info on Korean food to research, but how about other choices. I know about Taylor's and the Bounty. But where can I go for good Mexican, Thai, a coffee shop for breakfast, etc. Also, any place (including korean) for food to go would be nice. The funny thing about K-Town is that everything looks intriguing. Even the Dry Cleaners and TV Repair shops have big neon signs to lure you in. All very overwhelming
(in a good way).

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  1. The original El Cholo is in Koreatown at 1121 S. Western. Basically Western and 11th. I know alot of hounds do not like El Cholo, and it is not authentic hardcore regional mexican food, but I think it is good for what it is. Try the Sonora style nachos and the Sonora style enchiladas, topped with a fried egg. Really good.

    1. Pollo a la Brasa makes the best roasted chicken (Peruvian style) this city offers. On Western @7th Street.

      Guelaguetza is arguably K-Town adjacent, but they make some good Oaxacan specialties. Can't go far wrong with the mole negro, but this location has it's weaknesses compared to the Palms location on the Westside (which I like better).

      1. The original Guelaguetza restaurant is in Koreantown on 8th street and serves fantastic Oaxacan food. Their black mole and yellow mole dishes are absolutely delicious.


        1. Cassel's...one of the best burger joints in town...at 3266 W. 6th St...just west of Vermont.

          Superior potato salad, too.

          1. El taurino is nearby k-town off of hoover. Pizza at Village Pizza in Larchmont is excellent.

            1. If you have a hankering for churasscaria, try MGrill on 3832 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010. It's actually very chic so you'll be disappointed if you are hoping for a mom-and-pop. But the food is great. Pao de queso. yum!

              1. try papa cristo's on pico/normandie. good cheap greek american, and good for to go orders.

                noshi sushi on beverly near western has cheap, no frills fish.

                i haven't been, but makkah halal on vermont/4th gets good reviews here for indian. same with manila good-ha on 6th/catalina.

                for delivery pizza, village pizzeria will deliver to some parts of ktown. if not, larchmont village is isn't much of a drive. plenty of little places there.

                for mexican, i would check out el cholo once (and just once) and then head over to either one of the 2 guelaguetzas in ktown, then either el taurino or la parrilla a bit east.

                speaking of el cholo, i noticed the other day that just south if it is a grand opening for "what the pho?". ha ha.

                1. tip's house at manhattan and 6th for thai.

                  1. I like the food courts at Koreatown Plaza and the other big shopping center (on the corner of Olympic and Western.) It's mostly Korean food, but there are some other types of food as well and it's all fairly good and cheap. Nothing that will knock your socks off, but a good, cheap, varied group of offerings in the neighborhood.

                    1. Great suggestions, thanks to all. A few places I am eyeing up and would be curious if anyone has been. Piper's Coffee Shop on Western and Beverly. It's been around forever, but seems' to have gotton a make-over a few years ago. Also the Paris Bakery on Western. And on a different note, I can't wait to check out Hank & Frank's cocktail lounge also on Western.

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                        paris baguette on 1st and western is excellent!!! beautifully prepared pastries at downright cheap prices. it's a must.

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                          forgot to mention that both paris baguette and piper's are korean-owned...ive never been to pipers but ive heard that either their food is a hybridization of korean and coffeeshop or their menu has both korean items and "diner" food.

                          paris baguette has red bean paste filled pastries as well as a few other hybrid pastries mixed with some purely "french" type goods.

                        2. Piper's is an okay diner place... I haven't been to the fancy drinking wing, but the restaurant part serves your standard greasy diner food (a step up above Denny's).

                          Not sure if it's still "Koreatown," but Dino's (I think the sign reads Dino's Hamburgers, but few people get the burger) has a tasty, cheap, bright orange grilled chicken served on fries (cooked in lard, if that big block of white I saw them dropping into the fryer was lard... but they go great with the sauce for the chicken). I think the restaurant is on Olympic, but I don't remember the cross-street. I like Pollo a la Brasa as well (tender chicken and spicy magic green sauce, grilled beef options are also palatable), but the Dino's marinade and sauce is a tangy combination of lime and other spices that goes really well with aforementioned chicken and fries.

                          If you like pupusas, there are a number of Salvadorean places where you can get them for 99 cents (there's a good restaurant on Beverly that I can't remember the name of right now... if you search, the name might be revealed as i'm sure it's been mentioned on this board).

                          Maru is a good Korean restaurant that offers take-out. It's at 4th and Western, with the entrance to the strip mall east of Western. It has been reviewed on this board, and is a good place to get some traditional Korean fare like galbi jjim, bulgogi, and ddak dori tang.

                          For Thai, there's a place called "New Thai Town" on Melrose a little ways east of the Bank of America (Melrose and Western). Better food can be had north of there (where the old Palms Thai restaurant used to be), but it's been pretty reliable whenever I wanted Thai food.

                          Sorry about not giving out addresses... I'm working from memory. If the locations aren't precise enough, let me know and i'll see if I can dig them up.

                          1. our office used to be there. i really liked the pupuseria at 6th and western on the southwest corner. con calabaza (squash) is good, or loroco plant (very traditional). get extra curtido and salsa caliente.

                            guelaguetza, por supuesto!

                            m grill is good for brazilian churrascuria.

                            orchid for mostly karoake, decent pan-asian fare.

                            cassell's is fun. not the greatest burgers (i like 'em thick and juicy, not weird and flat), but i did like their sandwiches and fried zucchini!