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Aug 4, 2006 06:34 PM

What's good in Koreatown---besides Korean food?

Hi, I just moved to Koreatown and am pretty excited about exploring this wild neighborhood. I have found a lot of info on Korean food to research, but how about other choices. I know about Taylor's and the Bounty. But where can I go for good Mexican, Thai, a coffee shop for breakfast, etc. Also, any place (including korean) for food to go would be nice. The funny thing about K-Town is that everything looks intriguing. Even the Dry Cleaners and TV Repair shops have big neon signs to lure you in. All very overwhelming
(in a good way).

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  1. The original El Cholo is in Koreatown at 1121 S. Western. Basically Western and 11th. I know alot of hounds do not like El Cholo, and it is not authentic hardcore regional mexican food, but I think it is good for what it is. Try the Sonora style nachos and the Sonora style enchiladas, topped with a fried egg. Really good.

    1. Pollo a la Brasa makes the best roasted chicken (Peruvian style) this city offers. On Western @7th Street.

      Guelaguetza is arguably K-Town adjacent, but they make some good Oaxacan specialties. Can't go far wrong with the mole negro, but this location has it's weaknesses compared to the Palms location on the Westside (which I like better).

      1. The original Guelaguetza restaurant is in Koreantown on 8th street and serves fantastic Oaxacan food. Their black mole and yellow mole dishes are absolutely delicious.


        1. Cassel' of the best burger joints in 3266 W. 6th St...just west of Vermont.

          Superior potato salad, too.

          1. El taurino is nearby k-town off of hoover. Pizza at Village Pizza in Larchmont is excellent.