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Aug 4, 2006 06:31 PM

Tulcingo del Valle vs. Tehuitzingo?

Which of these two Mexican groceries/taquerias do people prefer?

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  1. Really depends on what you want. Generally, I'd choose Tehuitzingo, especially for soft tacos. Their nightly specials are also usually pretty darn good.


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      I went to Tulcingo last night, full of anticipation, but it was closed. Their AC couldn't handle the hot spell. So check before you go.

      - Sean

      1. If you want tacos and don't mind taking your food to go, Tehuitzinga has nothing bad on their menu. If you are looking for sit down Mexican Tulcingo is good- but is hit or miss depending on what you order. I had great Enchiladas one night, and then a terrible Carnitas burrito (the meat was inedible).