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Aug 4, 2006 05:51 PM

Donuts in Eastern Connecticut

Flying into Hartford to be picked up by friends at 12pm, heading to Providence to pick up another at 3:30 before heading to the Cape on a Saturday.

Does anyone know of a good donut place in eastern CT on the way to RI, or in RI around Providence? I am looking for something like Coffee 'An in Westport or Allie's in RI (we will arrive too late for Allie's).

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  1. So you are looking for a fresh donut around 330pm? I would have to say that this is probably not possible. With the exception of perhaps a Krispy Kreme, I do not know of a place that makes fresh donuts that late into the day in general. Certainly not a mom and pop new england donut place like Allie's or Butler's.

    In addition to a Krispy Kreme, perhaps the Dunkin Donut concept store in Pawtucket.

    Neither of those really fit the bill when looking for a real donut

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      Well, it could be around Hartford at 1pm. Is there anything around Hartford that might work?

      1. re: basachs

        I don't think Allie's is really on the way from Hartford-Prov., but I'd take one of their donuts almost any time of the day over donuts most anywhere else.

          1. re: basachs

            I don't know Butler's, where is it?

            1. re: Joanie

              westport ma, about 25 min from PVD. Take 195 east to the Sanford Rd exit (8 or 9) Take a right off the exit ramp and it is about 3 miles down on your right.

              Roadfood has a good review.

      2. In Hartford on New Park Avenue...(right off the highway, take Sisson Avenue off of 84). Try Tastease for something special. They make tiny old fashion-style donuts and top them and fill them with nummy stuff. Like one is topped with caramel, heath bar bits and chocolate.

        they also make some cuban pork sandwiches too.