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Aug 4, 2006 05:50 PM

Mozzarella di Bufala

Does anyone know where I can find REAL mozarella di bufala? Those of you who know the difference KNOW. The closest thing I've found was a ball the size of my fist in an individually wrapped little tub by Isola foods. It was $8.

My dad's family in Campobasso,Italy buys the stuff in gigantic braided loaves. Served room temperature, my mouth waters just thinking about it...

Has anyone ever tried MAKING mozarella? Maybe I can get some buffalo milk and try it on my own...

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  1. Last night I tried the recipe from to make a 30 minute mozz. The recipe is very straightforward and easy to follow.

    I was able to get liquid Rennet at the Whole Foods on Ashland in Lakeview.

    I used Fresh Fruit for my citric acid (although it also contains ascorbic acid). I am still looking for a better version. If you know where to get pure citric acid in the city please let me know.

    1. Yesterday Riviera Foods had a sign advertising mozarella di bufala on their self-service cooler near the meat counter. I did not check the price.

      Riviera Italian Imported Foods
      3220 North Harlem

      1. I order mozzarella di bufala from It's expensive, but very good.

        1. If you're family is from Campobasso, then you probably know that fresh mozzarella doesn't fare well being aged - it's best within a day or two. None of the m. di bufala I've had here can compare.

          OTOH, if you don't mind settling for fior di latte, there are an increasing number of sources for grass-fed cow milk, and it turns out that though it's not quite the easiest, mozz is a relatively simple cheese to make.

          There are two grass-fed dairy coops whose non-ultra-pasteurized (and non homogenized) milk is available at Whole Foods, Fox and Obel, Stanley's Fruit Market and Wild Oats, that I know of.

          A dairy out of Indiana is also selling excellent milk at the Evanston and Green City farmer's markets.

          A good place to start for a starter mozz "kit" would be New England Cheesemaking, but I'd also buy some mild lipase, which doesn't come with the kit. Then investigate some more advanced sites for recipes like

          The mozz you will make will not be "di bufala", but it will be much better than what you can get in most stores!

          1. Got a package from Riviera Foods, forgot to check the weight. It was about the size of a plastic tub of tofu (prolly 8 oz.) for $9.95. Ate half of it in a wonderful Caprese salad tonight - very, very tasty. Can't say for sure that it was worth all the extra money, but I had to try it at least once.