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Aug 4, 2006 05:46 PM

Places to eat in Cordoba/Granada

I'll be in a small town outside of Cordoba, called Priego de Cordoba, for a wedding at the end of August. Then we will tour around the south of Spain for a few days. Any suggestions for place to eat in either in the area around Cordoba or Granada?

We eat anything and everything and are opened to both low-end and high-end restaurants.


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  1. I loved Priego de Córdoba-charming, atmospheric town.

    In Córdoba, for a gourmet sit down meal, go to El Caballo Rojo in the Judería on Cardenal Herrero 28 and ask to sit on the terrace. Wonderful, creative food, very relaxing atmosphere. For casual fare, I love Casa Pepe, also in the Judería at Romero 1.

    In Granada, for romantic atmosphere at night, the Parador San Francisco. up on the Alhambra hill. They don't accept reservations so be there by 9 p.m. to be seated on the terrace-guitar music at night.

    Also the Carmen de San Miguel, Plaza Torres Bermejas 3.
    Closed Sun.

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      Thank you! I'll definitely report back about my experiences.