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Aug 4, 2006 05:42 PM


While on vacation we are going to Pawtucket Red Sox game...any help on good family fare in the area would be big help. We'll be coming UP from Westerly, RI. Thanks.

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  1. A good bet would be Chelo's Beef Hearth on Newport Ave, a short hop from McCoy Stadium. Very family friendly, known for their great desserts.

    1. Everyone will be able to find something on the menu at Madhouse Cafe, a wonderful New American/Fusionish place in downtown Pawtucket in the Apex Building.

      For lunch, I'd recommend Jac's Wraps on East Ave. Just get off Exit 27 on I-95, go down the street to pick up your lunch, then double back and head to the stadium.

      - Garris
      Providence, RI

      1. As mentioned Chelo's:

        Madhouse -


        Gregg's - North Main St

        Bertuccis - Newport Ave

        There is an Olive Garden in Attleboro, that isn't all that far from the stadium.

        Mama Spumoni's just down the street from OG on Newport Ave:

        All pretty casual with okay food which I'm guessing you are looking for.

        In "downtown" Pawtucket there is also China Inn that used to be good - not far from Madhouse.

        Just remembered there is a Ground Round too - you can see it from the highway, just around the exit for the stadium.

        None of the places mentioned are more than 20 minutes from the stadium depending on traffic. I have no idea how traffic is on game day.

        (Just a funny side note - I'm going to be in NJ soon, went to the board and saw Pawtucket, I was like what? and saw your oops!


        So hope our posts have helped.

        Have a great time at the game.