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Aug 4, 2006 05:36 PM

Just moved back (after 11 yrs gone) need food shopping help

I just moved back to town after spending the last 11 years in L.A. and NYC. What can I say, was never able to get new orleans out of my system so it only made sense. But I'm far more interested in food than the last time I lived here and could use some pointers.

-who has the best produce at the best prices?
-where can i get asian goods not carried in regular supermarkets?
-are there any italian specialty stores?
-are there any farmer's markets other than Crescent City Farmer's Market?

I'm guessing Whole Foods is a good one stop shopping for a lot of this, but I can't afford it so was wondering if there were ways around it. Any help on the questions above or pointers on things I may not have included in this posting are welcome. Thanks so much for any and all feedback.

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  1. I can answer your Asian goods question -- Hong Kong Market, out on the west bank and worth the drive.

    I can't find the address right now but will look harder if no one else knows.

    1. There is a great Asian grocery store on the corner of Vets and Transcontinental (on the Lake, upstream side). Well, well stocked with everything for Asian cooking. I even found dried shrimp there--not the snack kind as in convenience stores.
      For Italian, the best by far is Nar-Joe's which is a few stores off Metairie Road along the railroad track going toward the Lake. Tremendous amount of good Italian products with a deli.

      1. Hong Kong Market is incredible on Berhman highway near Belle Chase. I second Nar-Joe's. Regretably our produce is not what it is in most other cities. I don't know why, but as a rule our markets do not offer the selection one would hope. I am from Pennsylvania and that was one of the most disturbing discoveries when I started shopping here. We had a much, much better array in Pa. I have heard there is a Green Market on the North shore which is meant to be good. Don't know where you live. Also there is a new market that opened where the Whole Foods used to be on Esplanade which looks pretty good for produce, but I don't know how it compares to Whole Foods price wise. Whole Foods has the best selection, but too pricey for me too. It is curious that a city that loves food the way we do has such a dissappointing shopping experience. Just have to eat out I guess.

        1. This question keeps popping up on this (and other)'s my rundown:
          --farmer's markets other than Crescent City: German Coast on Sat AM in Destrehan at Ormond Plantation, Wednesdays from 4 to 8 in Luling on River Road.
          --Covington farmer's market, Wednesdays 3-7 pm.

          Asian groceries: aforementioned Hong Kong Market (largest selection in the area w/inexpensive produce), and Asian Gourmet Market (japanese, primarily) on Williams in Kenner near Esplanade Mall.

          Try Rouse's Supermarket for local produce as well (Houma-based chain that uses local sources for some produce and seafood).

          Don't forget the long-running seafood market in Westwego (aka the "Shrimp Lot"), just off the expressway at the end of the Westwego Canal...great prices on fresh shrimp and other local seafood.

          And since you're back in NO, please remember to plant your own. Sometimes we forget how easy it is to grow stuff here in S LA...herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes. Even without a yard, you can grow rosemary, basil, dill, thyme, cilantro, parsley, and patio tomatoes in containers.

          1. Thanks for the feedback. Made it out to Hong Kong Market today, wow, that place is like Chinatown NY all wrapped in one (well, without the smell). Definately plan on growing herbs once I'm a little more settled, been looking forward to that since before finalizing plans to move back.

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              i know i'm late to reply but i was wondering if anyone figured out the address for hong kong market.

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                925 Behrman Hwy Ste 3, Gretna, LA