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Aug 4, 2006 05:34 PM

Soup as a Meal

i love soup and all things soupy.

a good soup takes the essence of meat and vegetables. refines it. and creates something ethereal and essential. throw some noodles, rice or potatoes in it and everything is imbued with soupy, meaty goodness.

i'm more partial to brothy soup than creamy soups.

recently, i went to shanghainese restaurant in san gabriel for soup dumplings which were really blah. but i discovered something wonderful in the process, green city chinese restaurant's house special duck soup.

a whole duck, or so they say, slow cooked in a clay pot with chunks of ginger. the broth is something out of this world. intense, dark and favorful. in the broth were large pieces of bamboo shoots, red dates, tofu ribbons and savory pieces of duck meat. mmmmmmm

what's your favorite soup or soup experience?

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  1. Lamb or seafood hot pot at CHINA ISLAMIC.

    And before the takout window was shut down, clam chowder and fries at CAFE PINOT.

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      cha-ching. on a cold wineters night a big pot of lamb hotpot and the thick onion bread/pancake at china islamic is heavenly.

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      1. The minestrone at Novecento in Culver City. Not that thickened tomatoey stuff, but a clear broth with fresh veggies, some pasta, herbs, olive oil.

        1. The Hot and Sour soup at Wang's Palace, Monrovia, but I always add extra chili paste.

          1. The Boat Noodles at Sapp! Best bowl of ANYTHING in the city!! :)