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Soup as a Meal

i love soup and all things soupy.

a good soup takes the essence of meat and vegetables. refines it. and creates something ethereal and essential. throw some noodles, rice or potatoes in it and everything is imbued with soupy, meaty goodness.

i'm more partial to brothy soup than creamy soups.

recently, i went to shanghainese restaurant in san gabriel for soup dumplings which were really blah. but i discovered something wonderful in the process, green city chinese restaurant's house special duck soup.

a whole duck, or so they say, slow cooked in a clay pot with chunks of ginger. the broth is something out of this world. intense, dark and favorful. in the broth were large pieces of bamboo shoots, red dates, tofu ribbons and savory pieces of duck meat. mmmmmmm

what's your favorite soup or soup experience?

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  1. Lamb or seafood hot pot at CHINA ISLAMIC.

    And before the takout window was shut down, clam chowder and fries at CAFE PINOT.

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      cha-ching. on a cold wineters night a big pot of lamb hotpot and the thick onion bread/pancake at china islamic is heavenly.

    2. The minestrone at Novecento in Culver City. Not that thickened tomatoey stuff, but a clear broth with fresh veggies, some pasta, herbs, olive oil.

      1. The Hot and Sour soup at Wang's Palace, Monrovia, but I always add extra chili paste.

        1. The Boat Noodles at Sapp! Best bowl of ANYTHING in the city!! :)


          1. Oh what *can't* you say about soup? What's more comforting or more wonderful from a complex chowder to a simple broth?

            I've got a dozen family favorite recipes including a creamy mussel soup my daughter just made for dinner a couple nights ago. As for resto soups, the most outstanding I can think of right now is the chicken and vegetable soup I had at La Serenata de Garibaldi in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of LA. It had generous chicken and large pieces of fresh veggies and epizote & cilantro in a broth that was wonderfully flavored. They also started the meal with a fresh celery soup. I chose the chicken soup as my entree nonetheless because the waiter said it was something I shouldn't miss and right he was!

            1. Have you tried the soups at Doughboy's in West Hollywood on 3rd? I've had the french onion and tomato and they're quite impressive, in both size and taste. I've heard some of the other ones are hit and miss, but the french onion soup is a heart attack in a bowl...and delicious!

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                I love Doughboy's french onion soup. It's actually the only soup I've tried there. I might have to go this weekend and satisfy this soup craving now!

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                  It's one of the reasons I go there, but it can sometimes be too salty. But then again, who cares when the bowl is a oniony, goopily cheesy meal? Oh, and it's NOT sweet, which is how it should be

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                  I really like their soup au pisto (tomato based vegetable soup topped with their homemade pesto). I also like their chunky chili. Not as meaty as "real" chili but lots of big tomato chunks and slightly sweet. Yum!

                  doughboys.net (they have a new website!)

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                    Almost went to Doughboys for dinner last night but the place was packed. Instead we went over to Toast (which is now open for dinner, apparently has been for a couple months now). I had the tortilla soup, which I've had before, but this is probably one of the best tortilla soups I've had. Big chunks of chicken, lots of tortilla strips, and they give you a small finger bowl filled with shredded cheese to top it off with yourself. Very creamy. I actually had the soup and 1/2 sandwich, but I should've just had a bowl of it and called it a day.

                3. hello? can we say Pho.
                  I'm partial to Pho 97 in chinatown.

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                    I consider pho to be more "noodles in savory broth," than actual soup ...

                  2. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall at MPV.

                    1. "hello? can we say Pho.
                      I'm partial to Pho 97 in chinatown."

                      Yes, and spicy beef noodle soup at Mandarin Deli as well. Skip the Mami at Asian Noodles.

                      1. Just a reminder folks, this is the Chowhound L.A. board, where we discuss food unique to the L.A. area, so please do chime in with any great soups and where they are available in the L.A. area.

                        Please do not use this thread as an ominbus on what everyone's favorite soup is, if you would like to discuss soup in those general terms, please start a thread on the General Topics board.

                        Thanks for helping us maintain the value of this board by focussing on the chow available locally.

                        1. Tonkotsu ramen at Shin Sen Gumi (Fountain Valley & Gardena)
                          Pho at Quan Hop (Westminster)
                          Sizzling rice soup at Oki Doki (Costa Mesa)

                          1. Pho in general, for sure, but my alltime favorite to date was what we wound up with after an hour or so of hot-potting at Little Sheep. After all those meats and mushrooms and things had been cooked in both the mild and the spicy broth, a bowl with the two in combination, plus shreds and shards of the cooked stuff, was almost TOO good, since I was already stuffed to the gills. So good, so much fun...

                            1. Went to El Gallo Giro for the first time yesterday (Panorama City location) and had some wonderful Tacos Carnitas. However, I debated on getting those or the Caldo de Res that they had on hand that looked so tasty! Big chunks of meat (your choice of chicken or beef), big slices of zuchinni, a bit of corn etc. As I sat down to eat my tacos, I noticed that three other tables around me had ordered the soup! DoH! next time, that's what I'm getting. Can't vouch for it, but it looked so good!

                              My other favorite: Winter Melon Soup. Any large cantonese restaurant will be able to make it, but usualy you have to order in advance. If you've never had it before, it is literally a watermelon size Winter Melon that is filled with broth and other meat bits. The top is sliced off so that it acts like a cover to the soup. To serve, you dip the ladle into the big melon to get the soup and scrape off bits of the softened melon flesh from the side of the 'bowl'. GOOD stuff.

                              1. the green pozole at taco adobe in santa ana