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Aug 4, 2006 05:34 PM

dinner suggestion for out of town guest - west village or chelsea

My cousin, from India (she attends college in Boston though), is in NYC for the summer, for some bank-internship-situation. She's living and working near Times Square, and we are meeting for dinner on Monday. I live on the Lower East Side, and was hoping to meet her somewhere in between, to avoid Times Square. She might be vegetarian, though I am definitely not.

Any suggestions that a college student from India via Boston might enjoy? I'm thinking Chelsea or the West Village? Somwhere on the west side.


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  1. Otto. It has a number of menu items without meat, including many of their pizzas, and their olive oil gelato should be required for all out of town visitors. It also has a fun vibe but it is loud and crowded so you won't have much quiet time.

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    1. re: bobby06877

      Ah! I always forget about Otto! Good idea, thanks!

    2. Tia Pol on 10th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd streets is great tapas and sangria. The fried chickpeas are great and the asparagus with caviar is good too. I'm sure you could get the caviar taken off and there are many other choices that both a meat eater and non meat eater could enjoy.

      There is usually a 45 minute wait to sit and it's small, but good.

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        Second that. Just went there on Wed. and had a great meal. And actually, the meat items that I was most looking forward too [chorizo w\ chocolate and lamb] weren't even the best things that we had. If they have the special of carpaccio of oyster mushrooms, definitely get that. Ditto the fried chickpeas. Addictive.

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          I love Tia Pol - my concern was the vegetarian issue... I'll reconsider, thanks! And yeah, I'm obsessed with those chick peas.

        2. tartine, and get a table outside!

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            I'm trying think what vegetarian entree might be available at Tartine.

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              Don't go. It's not special enough. In those areas, I'd much prefer Maroons, La Nacional, Crispo, Piccolo Angolo, Bellavitae, Otto, etc., etc.