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Aug 4, 2006 05:27 PM

Cut (review)

Went last night with "the girls."
The space is beautiful: light, open, airy, great windows, really pretty in the evening while there's still some light.
We arrived at 7 and were seated promptly.
A few tables down sat a heavily-dyed Ron Popeil with what in "Pretty Woman" they would have called his "niece" -- forty years younger, with diamond earrings that had to be at least 3 karats apiece.
They brought out breadsticks, of which the best were the cheese, and six little cheese puffs.
Later came bread. The best was the onion focaccia -- one of my friends liked it so much they gave her a bag of it to take home -- and the pretzel roll, both delicious with the great, highly-seasoned butter they serve.
Service is EXCELLENT -- as accommodating as can be, instantly available, friendly yet never intrusive or cloying.
For starters we split two items: a butter lettuce salad with bleu cheese, avocado and heirloom tomatoes, and a crab and lobster Louis salad on horseradish cream. Both were good -- I could have done w/o the horseradish.
For entrees, the girls split a petite New York, which they were kind enough to heat to two different degrees of doneness. The meat was flavorful and plenty for two to share. I had the Kobe short ribs with Indian spices, and thought it was just okay.
For dessert, we split the chocolate souffle -- served with lightly whipped cream, Valrhona chocolate dipping sauce, and Gianduia ice cream -- and the Lady in Red Peach Melba, with the caramelized peaches atop a financier cake with raspberry and pistachio gelato, topped with raspberries macerated in a lemon Verbena sauce. This one especially was delicious.
I had a glass of rose' and a Diet Coke, one of the girls had an iced tea -- the total came to $214 before tip.
Sorry -- I forgot later that I left this out earlier -- we also had three sides! Lightly battered tempura onion rings -- yummy -- caramelized sweet corn -- okay -- and best of all, creamed spinach with a fried egg served on top, then mashed in: a home run!

The service at Cut is second only to the Grill on the Alley.
The food is good and the space is fantastic.
It's one of the best additions to the L.A. dining scene in years.

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  1. Our experience was very similiar. Jennifer Aniston(with the tall guy)and Kirk Douglas were there. We got the fried rice balls, sliders and pork belly for starters. With rib eyes and rack of lamb we ordered the mushrooms, creamed spinach, tempura onion rings and potato cake. Starters and side dishes were all a home run. The rib eye was good but the rack of lamb was the winner - great & massive. All the deserts are worth ordering. $140 per person with 2 corkage and one $55 bottle of the list before tip. Will do it again! Cheers LAJay

    1. Wow -- pricey. $214 for two apps, two mains, two desserts and very little alchohol. Glad the service was so good, it should be.

      Who is Ron Popeil?

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      1. re: NAspy

        Sorry NAspy, before I had left out the three side dishes we also had. That gave a false impression about the costliness.
        Ron Popeil is a manufacturer known for doing infomercials for his products.

      2. Great review. You had me at the breadsticks. Though the spinach with the egg alone might be a draw for me. You didn't think much of the Kobe short ribs - was it the preparation, the meat, the seasoning, the what?

        Re: Ron Popeil, did you mean heavily "died"? haha sorry, it's friday...

        1. has anyone tried the real deal Kobe beef steak , the one that costs 40 bucks or so every couple ounces?

          also , how are the kobe sliders?

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          1. re: kevin

            Let's examine a hypothetical Client dinner at The Cut:

            Business Dinner - You take your Client to The Cut and the Client says to the waitperson "I don't need a Menu I already know I want a Ceasar Salad, Baked Potato, some fancy green beans on the side and your best 16 oz. Filet Mignon medium rare like I just had at the Palm". The waitperson replies "We've got a nice Filet Mignon just flown in from Niigata Prefecture - Honshu, Japan". Client says "That'll be fine".

            At $20 an ounce that's $320 for one steak (assuming they carry them that large). No matter how good someone says they might be, to me the $$$ would be much more enjoyably spent across the street.

            1. re: JBC

              With Kobe beef, 16 oz. would serve 2-3 persons from what I hear as it is SO rich.

              1. re: carter

                Well it may be SO rich to you, it would cetainly be too rich for me, and it might be too rich for most of us; but, if someones a "Real" enthusiastic devotee of a particular type of food then when a very good rendition of the Real McCoy comes across their path, then they're likely to make the most of the opportunity and sometimes they just can't get enough!

                It's also a good way to "Stick-it" to your host if you feel he/she has been over charging you, ect.

                I used The Palm as an example because in the past I have often, but not always, consumed their 16 oz. medium rare Fillet - No problem.

                Their menu says they have available a New York or Fillet Mignon cut of True Kobe Beef from Japan at $120 for 6 oz. and for each additional 2 ounces, it's $40 more. That implies they have at least at 10 oz. version, but more likely they have a large slab in the back which they cut off as big a piece as the customer orders: meaning 10, 12, 16, 20, 24+ ouncers are available.

          2. kobe beef is too rich to have an entire japan had it in smaller pieces (like large dominoes) that we put on a teppan ourselves...really tasty but could you eat an entire steaksize piece of butter?

            haven't been to cut but I would expect a small would be more than enough....

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            1. re: jessejames

              If they're going to offer a minimum size of 6 oz. for an individual portion with the option of going bigger at 2 oz. increments, then people obviously can and do eat larger Kobe steaks. I haven't been to Cut, so I don't know if they serve it like a regualar filet mignon steak or in individual small strips, but larger portions are orderable. For some people, more is not enough.

              I would never want to eat any butter by itself in any quanity.

              1. re: JBC

                sure...americans supersize everything...would you want 12 ounces of foix gras? maybe that is a better example...large portion of kobe beef just doesn't suit the ingredient.