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Aug 4, 2006 05:25 PM

Great Moon Buffet - PB, San Diego - quick question

I will be in SD early next week. I am interested in dining at the Great Moon Buffet in the shopping center on Garnet Ave. in PB solely for nostalgia (when I was young and poorer, I patronized the buffet restaurant that previously existed in that space, and I want to revisit the memories).

If the food at Great Moon is awful, I won't go. If it's decent or passable, I will. Anyone have any comments? Thanks!

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  1. The food is decent for the price.

    1. It is what it is. There is a large selection and I always find stuff I enjoy eating. It doesn't hurt to liquor up before hand for enhanced enjoyment.

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        True, you must drink before you go...there are no cocktails in this place!

        The place was better when it first opened (like so many others), but now it in the "decent for the price" category.

      2. went there about a year ago. food is decent for what it is--Chinese buffet. I've certainly have had worse Chinese buffet food.

        1. Take a bit of what looks interesting, then go back and get large amounts of what you really liked. Not bad stuff. Never steam-tray old. Quite a bit of shrimp dishes. Find the coupon for it in the Reader.