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Aug 4, 2006 05:19 PM


Ok, well last week I posted, and said "never again" Lo and behold, I get a huge red meat craving, and the Counter's 5 blocks away. Well, thanks to the LA Times write-up and the Brad Pitt sighting, I can now inform you that there was a FORTY FIVE MINUTE WAIT for dinner at 7:30 on a Thursday. Then, I ordered a strawberry shake, no whipped cream, for my little one. Shake arrives with whipped cream. I request sweet potato fries to be served WITH the meal, and they come out ten minutes ahead of schedule. I ordered my burger in a bowl med. rare, and it came out RAW..literally cold inside. We were so starving by that time, it didn't matter. Sooooooooooooooo many people waiting for tables, hovering over us, and spilling onto the streets. Will someone PLEASE open a cute restaurant on Ocean Park??
Now I mean it..never again.

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  1. Here's a recent thread in which it is explained that the fries always come early and the crowding is always crazy after six:

    I've been to the Counter a few times. Genreally around five o'clock on a Tuesday. Never had a problem. It's a good place to get a great burger unless you try to fight the crowds then it sucks. Any other cute little restaurant in Ocean Park it would be JUST AS CROWDED!!! Thats's what happens when you live on the rich side of one of the largest and walthiest population centers on EARTH!

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      Ocean Park is hardly the "rich side", and at least if there were other options besides Carrows and Cocos, we would have somewhere to eat.

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        FWIW, about 10 years ago Coco offered an rectangular burger on a French roll. It was one of the best I've had in Southern Cal up to that time. It was eventually discontinued, but for awhile available upon request. It might be interesting/worth it to see if that's still the case.

    2. Went last Sunday, there around 2pm. Usual crowd but....service is starting to go downhill. Taking for ever to place orders, quality control non existant last Sunday. Not sure what went wrong...unless it's what normally happens with eateries that become successful. I've been maybe about 5 times since January, & i think this past sunday was the worst I've ever experienced. I think they're outgrowing themselves into sh*tty service & quality and they begin to lose focus on what made them successful. Let them know how u feel! I did.

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        1. The Counter was one of the main reasons I decided to move to Sunset Park, AT FIRST WE LOVED IT!! Our big star siting was STACEY PERALTA one of the original dogown boyz....
          sadly, we are so over the food now that we have not been there in at least 6 months and we live 5 blocks away.
          It is so true that we need more food here, the problem is location. there are no places for rent and with all of the business traffic during the week, all the mediocre cafes stay in business. I am sure one day, we will see it all change. hopefully soon!