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Aug 4, 2006 05:02 PM

How often do you use your Food Processor?

I'm contemplating shelling out for a Cuisinart food processor, but I'm wondering how often I will actually use it. (I have storage/space constraints.) I cook often but cut my vegetables (and other items) by hand, which I find faster and viscerally more satisfying. I can't think of too many uses that I can't do with a little elbow grease by hand. Maybe grind meat or mix biscuit dough (I do this by hand just fine).

Don't need to know the pluses and minuses of Cuisinart or the actual appliance. Just want to know if you actually use it, how often, or if it just sits prettily on your counter taking up space.

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  1. I'm embarrassed to say this, but I have never used my Cuisinart. Bought it like 2 years ago, glad I got a very good price on it. There's just two of us at home and it just seems like such a bother to take it out for such a little bit of chopping. Even when I've had company, for some reason I prefer to do it by hand.

    BTW, mine is not on the counter, it's in a kitchen cabinet.

    I guess I'm a knife girl at heart. No wonder I have repetitive stress problems in my hands and arms LOL.

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      For some reason the prompt above that is to "post your own" reply - isn't working.

      Well anyhow, I recommend you get the full size Cuisinart with the full set of extra blades and at least one good book on how to use all the attachments with recipes. I've been married 23 years and my Cuisinart wedding present is still going strong, used at least 3 times a week.

      I use it to chop the trinity or a mirepoix for so many purposes. To chop veg. for salads, soups, what have you.
      I LOVE IT!!!

      Cole slaw is made entirely in the one bowl in about 2 minutes for enough cole slaw for an army. Add the dressing ingredients and mix with the metal blade; add the cabbage and onion and chop fine with the metal blade; remove the metal blade and replace with the larger grating blade and grate in the carrots. Plop into your serving bowl, mix and serve.

      Same story for meat loaf, only no blade change. Metal blade: add onion, carrot, garlic, worcestershire, tamari, pepper, crumbs or matzoh meal, egg - process until minced. Add ground meat & pulse until just mixed. Plop into loaf pan and then into toaster oven at 400 for 45 min. Yum!

      When you're learning to use the machine, do more pulsing than just letting it run on. It's so powerful you can easily wind up with sawdust instead of hamburger if you are grinding meat. Also for grinding/chopping meat - it's best to have it half frozen and in 1" cubes. This will prevent mashing or long fibers. It makes great dough of all kinds really easily with the plastic blade - just pulse only until dough comes away from the sides of the bowl.

      If there's something a big 'ole Cuisinart Can't do, I haven't heard what.

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        Niki Rothman...What model is yours? Mine is that old, still going strong despite replacing S blades and plastic, it's a DLC-8Plus. I keep thinking I would like a s/s one to match my kitchen, but this one ain't broke, so I don't fix it!

    2. I'd say that I use it once or twice a week - but, for example, I might use it one meal for several different items - e.g., make pesto, make bread crumbs. I've had mine for probably 10 years now and it has held up well. I use also use it for pie/tart doughs, tuna tartare (when I don't feel like chopping the tuna), slicing alot of onions or potatoes, grating, gazpacho, making chicken liver mousse - those are the things that come to mind. In my tiny kitchen I'm fortunate to have some bookshelves, and all the appliances sit there at about waist height, so I don't have to bend and reach when I move one to put it into use on my tiny counter.

      1. Just about every time I cook. I have a largish processor and a mini chopper. The big processor, which doesn't take up that much space, is always handy. It sits on a part of the counter which also has the mixer, immersion blender and coffee grinder. I used it to puree peaches two nights ago for gelato. I'll make pasta sauce tonight and do a rough chop in it. Over the weekend I'll make more ice cream and use it to chop fruit. And I'll probably make pesto as well. I honestly don't know how people manage without a processor, it's like having a sous-chef (one who doesn't talk back!).

        If you cook in big quantities, it's invaluable. I do this a lot so I don't have to do much during the work week. You can do cole slaw for 12, marmalade 10 quarts at a time (I've done both). I mix pasta dough and pastry in it. This way I can have homemade pasta from scratch to boiling in the pot in under 15 minutes (with the help of my Kitchenaid pasta roller), and I always have pastry at hand in the freezer because I make enough for 4 pies at a time.

        When the bowl developed a crack I was so panicked at the thought of not being able to use it, I bought a replacement bowl and a whole second processor which is in the attic. My unit is about 20 years old and so far the only part that has failed is the bowl.

        The mini Cuisinart is used for chopping garlic and ginger which I do just about every time I stir-fry, also small quantities of herbs, curry pastes and grinding spices. It's a great supplement to the bigger processor.

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          I also have a large processor and a mini one. I use the mini one a lot more... I would say probably 2 or 3 times a week if it's a week where I'm cooking a lot. I use mine a lot for dressings or sauces, where I just want to throw in a whole clove of garlic and a bunch of rosemary or something, and just let it rip. I also use mine a lot for crumbs, i.e. graham crackers, crackers, bread, nuts, etc. I actually inherited the mini one from my future MIL because she never used it, so it definitely depends on what kind of a cook you are. I am a self-confessed very slow cook, so anything that can speed me along is great!

        2. My food processor is one of my most-used appliances. I just got a new Cuisinart (at Costco - with an extra workbowl!) and use it at least twice a week. I grate cheeses like cheddar or swiss, pulverize parmesan, make bread crumbs, hummus, pesto, salsa... I make pasta dough in it before rolling out in my Kitchenaid pasta attachment. Pie crusts come together in a flash. And it's great during the holidays for chopping nuts and certain cookie doughs. I've chopped my own beef for burgers, etc, etc. I keep it in a cabinet but it's easy to pull out whenever I need it. And there are only 2 of us at home.

          By the way, the blades are so sharp in the new machine that I cut my finger trying to clear something from the blade. I'll use a spatula next time!

          1. I'd guess about 1 out of 4 meals. We have an old Cuisinart (when made by RoboCoup), that is the workhorse in the kitchen. We have a mini that gets used about half the time, and three syles of stand/hand mixers that come into play about half of that.

            I think that one's cuisine might dictate their "need" for one, but would not be without all of ours. I hesitated, when my wife paid ~US$300 for the Cuisinart in the 70's, but I became an instant convert. Possibly the best $300 we've ever spent.